Friday, 25 November 2011

Catch up.

My twitter followers will have known I've been in California for the past month but I can not so glady say I'm back in sunny England. I had an amazing time with my love, but I miss him so much now!
 Rob's lovely mother threw me an early thanksgiving dinner as a suprise as I left a week before the real day which was unfortunate!
 The sunsets are beautiful.
Famous In and Out Burger, if your visiting California this is definitely a fast food restaurant you need to visit. Delicious!
 I also spent Halloween over there which was so much fun. It's a big deal in the USA, so when I went shopping for my costume there was huge amounts to choose from and it was super busy with people getting their costumes.
Since I've been back I've treated the family to Domino's pizza, I finally got a chance to try one of the gourmet ones. Domino's is honestly one of my favourite places to get pizza from. I love the huge pizza menu and also the range of deals and that you can track your order AND the super fast and friendly service....what more could you want?
I also finally went to see Breaking Dawn, I know it's not to everyone's tastes but Oh how I loved it. I seriously didn't want it to end.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Oh Kindle- Oberon Design Case

I just had to show off my beautiful kindle case, I pretty much refused to use my kindle until I received it. I wanted to get something nice soon as it's going to be used a lot so after some extensive research I ended up getting an Oberon Design Leather case. They sell some beautiful things and as soon as I saw their cases I was in love, I've never seen anything like them before. I also liked the idea of this case because with time ( I assume lots of it) the leather will eventually look worn which is something I'm a fan of.
They sell a mixture of products and cases for other gadgets too which you can check out here

The colour is a dark purple in most lights however above with the flash it's much more vibrant. I normally wouldn't think of spending this much on a case but I couldn't help myself once I saw it ( I purchased it for $67 which works out at £42 not including P&P) but I think it's definitely worth it as the craftsmanship is amazing, you can just tell it's going to last a long time.
After getting my cover I've been using my Kindle tons, especially the last month or so during my travels and have just finished 'Only Mine' by Susan Mallery which I loved. I'm always open to different kinds of books and so you have any book recommendation please feel free to share them!