Thursday, 25 February 2010

Oh I just can't stop shopping!

Sooo I've not been posting as much as I've been wanting to now I'm back at university but I've of course been shopping more as I'm in Leeds more often.

I got some nail polish from M&S, I've used a hot pink from there before and it was a dupe of Barry M's so I thought I'd try out some more and I got a pastel blue and pinkypurple.
The hot pink was fantastic, I'll get some pictures up when I next have it on but this pastel pink I found to be streaky thus I needed two coats of it and I'd say it doesn't look bad with two coats. No chips yet either and I've had it on for two days today.
£2.50 a bottle but less for me as I work there, not bad really.

I also got a set of bangles from Primark which I love to wear with my Accessorize bracelet.
 They cost all of £2.50

Asda-George earrings, these are lovely. I've only worn them once and the back stopper thingamajig to the earring that holds it to your ear broke but I can just take it off another earring I guess.

  They cost £3.00 not bad

And lastly a couple of days ago I got this bag from a new store called Miss butterfly, it's replaced Virgin Mega Store which turned into Zavvi which turned into Head. Anywho this new shop is pretty nice, I do really like some of the things they sell. I even got a dress and top from there previously.They sell a range of styles and some very quirky designs.

So I needed a bag for Uni which would carry my books and folders and I've been looking for a perfect one for AGES. This one is perfect, I like that its quilted and studded, the straps are long enough for me to put on my shoulder without them constantly sliding off like my previous bag. The fact that the straps are joined by metal hooks I doubt immense weight of my books will break the straps which has happened to me before. The zip on the inside means I can keep my phone in there and anything I need quick access to.This cost £25.

I was wondering if many of you guys shop in Leeds often?

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Ahhhh I love it, it's so very cute and from Accessorize for about £8.00 maybe. I really can't remember, I just bought it to be honest. I really like some of the jewelery they are selling at the moment, pretty much my kind of style.....dainty, cute and some are vintage style or quirky in someway. Although I do like my statement pieces as well as dainty. Don't you just love getting something you know not a lot of people have? or a one off piece from a vintage store that only you have? I wish Leeds had more vintage stores, I need to get to London and hit Camden.
Okay here it is..

So the pictures aren't the best (as usual) the bracelet has flowers made out of little pearls, dusty pink flowers, love hearts with diamantes and a pearl in the middle. I'm not normally a huge fan of diamante unless it's real diamonds or tasteful, the way they are set can make a difference too. Also not a huge fan of gold (haha how picky do I sound?) unless its subtle like  this bracelet (although for some reason some parts look really gold in the pictures hmm).

Anyways its really lovely, seen loads of other nice bracelets too like the one below...I like it because its really quirky and different and of course a lovely colour.
I also got a elasticated headband, it has clear sequins on it which you can't really see in the picture. It only cost £4.00 as well.
And thats all for now....I feel another shopping trip coming up soon though.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Finnaly got my Alice In Wonderland Pallette! + Random talk.

So as I write this I'm recovering from the pain of being stabbed in the hand with a pen by my brother, no joke...a hole in my hand followed by blood. Painful.
Anyways hope you've all had a good weekend, mines been kinda busy at work! Don't really see the point in valentines day except that it's a excuse for people to tell someone who's single they like someone. Although I guess people could do that any other day too. Other than that commercialised rubbish in my opinion.
So last week as I was saying in a post about packages I received one from my lovely BF and with it all he sent me a Alice in wonderland palette I've been wanting for agess. I had been going on about it to him for ages and told him he MUST get it for me and bless he did.

The pictures don't do it justice at all, they even look somewhat washed out. But really the colours are so vibrant and there's a mixture of glitter and matte eyeshadows. It also came with a free pocket rocket sample lipgloss, there was a picture of a guy on it but my boy decided it didn't need to be there haha.
Another thing he got me was the amazing Lace leggings that I loved and also did a post about here. I was so surprised and couldn't believe he got them for me. Still can't to be honest, I can't wait to wear them!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

R.I.P Alexander McQueen

News has flooded across the media about the death of famous British Fashion designer and icon Alexander McQueen who commit suicide at the age of 40 just days after his mother died.

One of my favourite designers, although I'm not huge into buying anything designer I have always loved his unique and innovative designs and his huge influence on fashion and the way people dressed. He has won five designer of the year awards including a best international designer award from fashion designers of America. This is such a tragedy and a shock to all and a great loss. You can read more here,


R.I.P Alexander McQueen.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

More International Mail And Valentine's swap haul

Okay so more international mail, I got home for my lunch break to see mail on the table for me....all international too, love it.

So I want to thank the lovely Moria who's blog you can check out here. She sent me these goodies all the way from Australia! Although she didn't get any of my 'wishlist' items (which I don't care) as surprises are awesome. She sent me some lovely sheet face masks which I have really been wanting to try out for a while now. I also thought the heart origami was really cute.

 So she sent me these three nail polishes I love the middle one the most, I'll be trying it on very soon... it's such a lovely feminine colour and totally in right now with all the pastel, peaches and nude that I'm seeing everywhere in stores right now. Classic silver, but I like that its like a pearl and then my second fave which is like a golden yellow...gosh I'm bad with describing.

 I got a little sachet of something but at the moment I'm not sure what it is and some sheet face masks which like I said I've been wanting to buy online but never really got round to it. I got one in raspberry (one of my fave flavours!) Green tea, lemon and two others. I can imagine them being really refreshing so I'm really looking forward to pampering myself with a lush bath and a face mask followed by maybe some nail painting. 

Once again, Thank you Moria for the lovely things! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else got in their swap.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Don't you just love recieving parcels?

Like the whole wait (sometimes) I mean I don't mind waiting but when it's something your really looking forward to and it takes forever then its annoying. Then when it finally comes the opening of it and then trying/testing whatever it is..
I got this from my love this morning, it was.. better than christmas!
I might do a little 'haul' on what he sent me.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

I went Shopping....Haul and a review!

So I've pretty much had no life thanks to placement 5 days a week and then on the weekend I'm working :( but the end is in sight as next week is my last week........ freedom!!
Anyways I managed to get a day off and I went shopping with my friend, well first we went to Tampopo in Leeds which is amazing, I'd definatley recommend it if you live near or in Leeds or are even planning to visit. They cook eastern food so foods from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan and Korea. The food is so fresh, healthy and pretty much delicioussss, the kitchen is like open so you can kinda see the chefs cooking. 

So I ended up going to Lush and I got:
Limited Valentines Edition Magic Mushroom- Bubble bar £2.25
 This reminds me of super mario *geek*. It smells really nice too but as I'm rubbish at describing so I'll tell you what Lush say which is Vanilla and citrus fruits but I wouldn't really say it smells citrusy.
I've already used this and I wouldn't say it's anything amazing, for instance no nice smelling bath or lovely coloured bath water. Maybe I didn't use enough, who knows. I did have loads of bubbles though and they kinda seemed more foamy kinda bubbles to me, like washing up liquid bubbles. Maybe I need to try this bubble bar out again but so far I wouldn't repurchase.

Then I got
Limited Valentines Edition Ex factor Ballistic £1.94
 This is so cute, with the little love heart and such. Not bad for the price and I loveee the smell it's described as vanilla musk, like the butterball scent but I disagree that it smells like butterball. After a sniffing comparison they smell similar but the ballistic to me smells nicer. The idea behind it is kinda funny too. 
This bath ballistic is supposed to turn my bath blue and be calming. I look forward to using this!

Next I got Bubblegum Lip Scrub £4.50
Okay this product is one that I can instantly tell you the scent of. It just like SNOW FAIRY. Yes people the amazing, much loved Seasonal Snow Fairy Shower Gel. Okay so the smell is amazing, it's pink, it tastes delicious and more importantly does the job. So pretty good I'd say, although you could make this yourself easily saving you some ££ but I'm too lazy for that plus it wouldn't smell like snow fairy. A little go's along way but I'd buy this again for sure. Also I kinda want to try out the minty flavour one as it's supposed to leave you all tingly!

Lastly from Lush I got Grease Lightening spot treatment- £5.10

I've read a lot about this so I thought I'd give it a try, it smells strongly of tea tree which is supposed to dry out spots, there's also witch hazel in it. The treatment is a gel and once you put it on it feels really light.

Got some Shoes! Love these, nice nude colour.

The soles are amazing. Last pair in my size. Good times.
I got Arc de Triumph by Soap and Glory - £5.00 with 1/3 off at Boots

So I've been meaning to get this shaping and highlighting crayon for a while now, it comes with eyebrow stencils on the back of the packaging . I think the highlighter is fantastic one swipe of it and you can see it, very pigmented however brow shaper side lets it down, I had to go over the line in the picture a couple of times for it to show up that much. So for £5.00 and a good highlighter I guess it's not bad.

I also bought some clothes from a new store in Leeds, but I'm going to stop now before I send people to sleep! Hope you all enjoyed my haul of randomness.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Fave clothing Pictures

Rubbish pictures I know but I've been too busy to take new pictures (or better ones) latley.
The first Picture I have on a Bank tunic, I hardley shop at BANK but they stock Lipsy which I love and I needed a dress. I really love the tunic, I've been wearing it with jeans and boots recently but maybe when it's warm enough for me I'll wear it with leggings.
In the second picture which I must say is slightly old..I have on a Topshop tunic/top Faded floral skull and Topshop Leggings. Another fave outfit. Casual and comfy.
What is your fave outfit? I tag this to anyone who want's to do an outfit post!