Thursday, 18 March 2010

Thank you + Review + Mini Haul

Gosh I didn't even realise I've got to 67 followers, that was a lovely surprise as I know I've been MIA thanks to university and work taking its toll. I want to say thank you to all my followers ^_^ I've been finding it hard to blog as much but I'm trying my best to do more posts.

So first of all the review, Lush Dorothy Bubble bar. £2.80
So initially I bought this product just on the cuteness factor, not really a good thing to base a purchase on but out of all Lush products its the bubble bar's that I love using. The scent I thought was okay, it's supposed to be like the figs and leaves soap however myself and the sales assistant thought Dorothy somehow had a nicer smell. 
I unfortunately didn't get to take bath pictures but I used about a quarter of it and I got mostly the blue part, It turned my bath a gorgeous shade of blue and I actually thought it smelled quiet nice in the end as well!
Also when I start getting some of the rainbow into my bath I'll be getting different shades of blue I assume which I think will be really nice especially soon as I won't know what colour to expect!

Overall rating  B-
It's nice but nothing amazing.

Mini Haulage:

I got this lovely bracelet for £2.50 - Primark

This gorgeous idea what to call it though cardigan? - £8.00

When I first saw it there was some in navy and I think black maybe and I said to my friend I loveeee it but I want it in cream, walked around the corner and there we are!! beaut.

Then I popped into M&S where they had a sale on but it's not really been advertised. A lot of younger people don't really shop at M&S maybe classing it as somewhere for older people, I did this when I was younger 'the granny shop' haha but believe it or not they do sometimes have really nice things.
I got:
Earrings from £5.00 down to £2.00

Some tights, half price from £8.00 to £4.00..Bargains!

I also got some underwear, really good sale prices but I won't be sharing what I got!

Who's been shopping lately? It's for once a lovely day outside so I'm going to hit the shops before I go to uni.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Just my luck! RIP MAC Dare =(!!!

It's gone! My new lipstick, my 3rd addition to the Mac family of lipsticks, the lipstick I blogged about a couple of days ago, the lipstick I had used twice....GONE!! =(
This catastrophe happened at some point today, either when I was running for the train, or on the train.

If anyone has seen this lipstickplease return it to mommy! haha

Anyways how saddening, I seem to be prone to loosing things, last time it was my new mobile and tweezers seem to be another thing prone to being lost by me I really need to get a grip.
Anyway other than that my day has been good, my only purchases was mini rolls mmm how was your day?

Sunday, 7 March 2010

3D Alice in wonderland + Haulage....Benefit/Hotel chocolat/MAC/Lush (of course)

Alice in wonderland was AMAZING. I went to the second showing of the day it was released because I'm a geek like that, I even made my friend power walk from uni to the train station so we could get there early even though we had like 2 hours and I had pre-booked tickets. I really recommend it, when it ended I was like wow that went so quick! Time flies when your enjoying something.

After the movie I went shopping, I really need to control my spending right now but oh how it doesn't help when your in the city center numerous times a week. Anyway I'm typing this with the smell of sweet vanilla wafting around me thanks to the scarf I spray attacked at boots. I actually really wanted it but it was sold out due to the save 66p offer so £1.33 for a bottle of yummy smelliness? Bargain. I might have to pop back in to get it and maybe some other scents too..

Okay so thing's that I actually got my hands onto was: 

Benefit- Coralista    
I finallyyy got my hands on Coralista, I've been wanting to buy this blusher for a long long time, I've heard so many good thing's about it so I got it a couple of day's ago from Debenhams as they had 10% off beauty.

First of all I have to say how nice it smells, pretty much all of the benefit blushers do, this is the second one I own the other one being Dallas which I seemed to have stopped using so it's nice to have a great smelling blusher in use again! I'm not a huge fan of shimmery blushers but this one is just right, the colour is gorgeous and I can't wait to use it.

Dorothy Bubble Bar- £2.80

Okay so the smell I got told is like the figs and leaves soap which I'm not a fan of. I compared them both at the store but its similar but Dorothy is somehow different in a way. I just had to get it because its so cute and I'd like to see my bath water change blue or different shades thanks to the rainbow. I'm a huge fan of Lush bubble bars....think I've tried almost all of them!

I also got Amandopondo £2.45

As you can see I've already used it. It's supposed to smell of Lemon and Rose but personally I think it's more Lemon than anything, I think it overpowers the smell of rose that might be in it. Despite this I still like the smell, it's refreshing. I had lovely fluffy bubbles but obviously the water stayed it's normal colour and the smell didn't linger. No match to The comforter.

I popped into MAC as I was in there a couple of days before and tried on the lipstick Faux a satin finish mauvey pink.When I got home I felt the need to buy it, I really liked the colour on me and it was nothing I've had before.
So I went back but somehow ended up getting Brave which is a Satin muted pink beige with a pearl overtone.
I still want faux!
My 3rd Mac lipstick believe it or not! Any recommendations for some everyday pinks?

Last of all, I'm the biggest chocoholic in the world, I'm so going to have diabetes when I'm old. I went to Hotel chocolat just to look (honest!) and the SA let me try some chocolate and of course I went back and got a box....

Soooo yummy, and of course they look adorable. A nice sweet note to end my day on =)