Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Little trip.

Not long ago I went on a little trip with my family and we stayed in Milton Keynes which just made me nostalgic for America believe it or not. The area we were in was so nice and rather new, boulevards and trees and the way everything was set out just reminded me of California. We were within walking distance of a shopping centre so I of course ventured off.

 I wish I got more and better pictures but these will do, I of course did a little shopping and got some things I had been after some of you will have seen the picture below that I posted on my instagram (monikarr) account.
I actually managed to not spend too much, I am trying to spend less and save up for nothing in particular (except maybe a holiday to America!) and even opened a new savings account and so far it's not going too bad but all these new products that keep coming out are such temptations to a beauty junkie like me. So I only got some of the new Barry M nail art pens which I will review soon (love them) and the much talked/hyped/raved about falsies mascara from Maybelline. Have you guys tried any of these? what do you think?