Monday, 19 December 2011

Mini M&S haul and things.

M&S is one of those places not many younger people think of going to for clothing but oh how things have changed over the years. Their Limited Collection and Indigo ranges in my eyes aim to please the younger more fashiony people out there but even the rest of the clothing ranges could surprise you.
I was doing some shopping (mainly for presents!) and managed to find some bargains for myself (of course) for instance these skinny jeans for £7.00 down from £19.50 I love the splash of colour these add to my outfits. I was originally after some dark wine coloured jeggings they had but they sold out boo!
 I also found this nude 100% silk Autograph blouse for £9.00 down from a whopping £50 something pounds (I was way too excited to wear it and so the labels are long gone) although it's a couple sizes too big for me I can wear it oversized or tucked into jeans or a skirt and I'm good to go!
I thought this jumper at £6.00 from £35 would be nice to layer with for winter.
 Lastly although not a sale item and kind of pricy (£15) I got this gorgeous knitted headband, I'm not a hat person so this is a nice alternative that will keep my ears warm! I love the pretty dusky pink colour, the pearls and the cute.
 Some bronze glittery heels which I love but sadly are a little too big (a size 6 1/2 :l) for me so I guess they will be going onto ebay!
I also ventured to the Krispy Kreme that is somewhat new to Birstall for the first time where I saw santa on stood on the back of a range rover (random) and got myself some yummy doughnuts, I seriously believe there the most delicious things out there!
Loving the Christmas doughnuts! Hope those who celebrate are enjoying the festive season, I'm definitely keeping away from town in the crazy rushes!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

New purchase: Floral Tea Party & My Favourite comfy shoes: VANS

I have always found it hard to find shoes (heels or flats) that fit me perfectly and don't cause my poor feet pain from 5 minutes of walking in them. When it comes to shoes my problem has always been finding the correct size, I seem to be in-between sizes at most stores which sucks as half sizes aren't easily obtainable. 

On top of that I wouldn't say I have narrow skinny feet either which again can be an issue and then to top things of a little further...(not like I want to mention this, cue the ew's!) my second toe is longer than my first which can also be an issue as some shoes end up squishing my toes.
So you can imagine my delight of trying to find comfy shoes...
Although I am open as to where I buy thing's from I have always been a fan of brands such as Vans, Converse, Volcom etc.... the more skater/surfer/alternative kind. 
So a couple of years ago when I was in California I popped into a Vans store, at the time in England I had only ever been to the London one but thankfully we have one in Leeds now! Vans stores sell half sizes too and I fell in love with a pair of their 'Lo pro' shoes which are basically pump style shoes and they fit me like a glove. HALLELUJAH!.
I wore those babies until I could no longer wear them. Until I had holes in them and I started looking like a the point where my BF was like NEED new shoes. I initially I wanted to get the exact same ones again but alas I couldn't get my hands on any so I eventually gave in and started looking for alternatives.

Although I love 'girly' and more dressy shoes, I end up wanting a pair of comfortable flats, flats that aren't so flat that you feel every stone you step on. Vans are perfect for this and so comfortable, they sell a wide range of styles from skater shoes to slip-ons and pumps with different colours and designs.
I ended up buying these 'Authentic Floral Tea Party' shoes for £35 girly and comfortable... love it.
 The thick soles make these super comfortable, I'm even getting some all black plain vans for work. I would definitely recommend these to anyone after comfortable casual footwear! Are you a fan of Vans?

Friday, 25 November 2011

Catch up.

My twitter followers will have known I've been in California for the past month but I can not so glady say I'm back in sunny England. I had an amazing time with my love, but I miss him so much now!
 Rob's lovely mother threw me an early thanksgiving dinner as a suprise as I left a week before the real day which was unfortunate!
 The sunsets are beautiful.
Famous In and Out Burger, if your visiting California this is definitely a fast food restaurant you need to visit. Delicious!
 I also spent Halloween over there which was so much fun. It's a big deal in the USA, so when I went shopping for my costume there was huge amounts to choose from and it was super busy with people getting their costumes.
Since I've been back I've treated the family to Domino's pizza, I finally got a chance to try one of the gourmet ones. Domino's is honestly one of my favourite places to get pizza from. I love the huge pizza menu and also the range of deals and that you can track your order AND the super fast and friendly service....what more could you want?
I also finally went to see Breaking Dawn, I know it's not to everyone's tastes but Oh how I loved it. I seriously didn't want it to end.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Oh Kindle- Oberon Design Case

I just had to show off my beautiful kindle case, I pretty much refused to use my kindle until I received it. I wanted to get something nice soon as it's going to be used a lot so after some extensive research I ended up getting an Oberon Design Leather case. They sell some beautiful things and as soon as I saw their cases I was in love, I've never seen anything like them before. I also liked the idea of this case because with time ( I assume lots of it) the leather will eventually look worn which is something I'm a fan of.
They sell a mixture of products and cases for other gadgets too which you can check out here

The colour is a dark purple in most lights however above with the flash it's much more vibrant. I normally wouldn't think of spending this much on a case but I couldn't help myself once I saw it ( I purchased it for $67 which works out at £42 not including P&P) but I think it's definitely worth it as the craftsmanship is amazing, you can just tell it's going to last a long time.
After getting my cover I've been using my Kindle tons, especially the last month or so during my travels and have just finished 'Only Mine' by Susan Mallery which I loved. I'm always open to different kinds of books and so you have any book recommendation please feel free to share them!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Missha BB cream for darker Skin! No.31 Golden Beige.

BB creams (Blemish Balm) seem to be everywhere right now but from my personal experience it's hard to find one for darker skin tones which is a real shame although BB cream originally started off for Asian skin tones.
For those who may not know what BB creams are, in a nutshell it works like a tinted moisturiser (or some have enough pigment to use as a foundation) that is supposed to be wondrous in different areas. They tend to have an SPF, anti-wrinkle agents, healing and skin lightening properties and help create an even flawless finish.
Sometime last year I discovered Missha had a new, darker shade out. Although it's slightly harder to find and is more expensive compared to the rest that are easily available. This seems to be the only darker shade available from Missha too.
Missha is a popular brand for BB creams in Asia, I bought mine from ebay, I think I paid around £20 something pounds at the time. I really wanted to try these much talked about wonder creams so I splashed out.
The one I purchased was 'Perfect Cover B.B Cream' 50ml, No.31 Golden Beige, with SPF 42 PA+++ (The PA part is pretty much a grading system of UVA protection which provides superior defence against rays that can cause collagen damage and photo ageing of the skin.) 
                                     I have tried my best to capture the true colours of the swatches. 
To me once it's blended in it has more of a red undertone which you can't see in the pictures so much. I also really love the scent it's fresh and light.
My Thoughts?
I really like what BB creams are about and this one I found was easy to blend, loved the smell and it also had light/medium coverage. However it didn't match my skin tone as much as I hoped it would, I need something with more yellow undertones and this was quiet the opposite however I can still make it work by putting my Mac powder over it.
Has anyone else tried this brand? 

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Hair Oils: Macadamia and VO5

 I'm sure many of you have heard of or tried both these hair oils but I thought I'd share my thought's on them. I purchased Macadamia (natural oil) Healing Oil Treatment at least half a year ago and have enjoyed using it since. I actually had a hard time choosing between this brand and the well known Moroccan oil (which I still want to try) but after having Macadamia products used on my hair during a trip to the hairdressers and loving how it made my hair smell and feel I decided to buy it. The hairdresser also said out of all the oils they have tried this one was in their opinion the best one.
The smell is light but really lovely, the bottle is glass and I love that it has a pump which makes it easier to dispense the oil.
The label instructs you to work a small amount in damp or dry hair and for extra nourishment you can add a small amount to your favourite hair mask which I am yet to try but sounds like a good idea. It states that it instantly absorbs into the hair, weightlessly infusing moisture, health, softness, protection, control and shine.

The VO5 miracle concentrate elixir with argan oil was purchased after hearing so much about it via blogs and you tube videos and it was also on a special offer in Boots at the time so I thought why not? Plus I like that it's smaller than my Macadamia bottle which makes it better for travelling purposes. It has a pipette which is fantastic for controlling the amount you want to dispense, nothing worse than a product in annoying packaging that gives you too much product! Again this smells really nice, a slightly stronger scent than the Macadamia oil.
The label has no instructions on how to use it but I guess it's fairly obvious but it does say that the elixir is high in Vitamin E, Rich in Anti-Oxidants which help fight free radicals and is hydrating and deeply conditioning.
 I tend to put a few drops on the palm of my hand, rub it between both hands a little and then distribute it from neck downwards of my hair. This way my hair doesn't look oily.
Macadamia oil is much more expensive it retails at  whopping £29.95 for 125ml on websites like lookfantastic but I'd suggest looking on ebay. The VO5 however is much more affordable although it's a smaller 50ml bottle but has the price tag of around £4.99
As I haven't been using VO5 for as long I can't make a judgement on which one is better but I really like both of them, they both make my hair feel nourished and smooth. I do want to point out however that both the products contain 'cones which can be good and bad for your hair so if your looking for pure oils I'd avoid these.

Do you use any hair oils? If so which ones?

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator Review

 Ever since I discovered Liz Earle, the products have quickly become some of my favourites. I have been using this exfoliator since July and I thought I'd share my thoughts on this particular product.

It contains Eucalyptus, cocoa butter and fine jojoba beads, comes in a 70ml pump tube and is not suitable for sensitive skin. It states on the back to use it after cleanse and polish but so far I've been using one or the other.
Gosh my hands look wrinkley!
 The texture is thick and creamy, in the picture I have put a pump's worth on my hand but I'd normally use a little less than that.

I personally love this exfoliator. I know many people can be put off them with the thought of beads scrubbing against their skin but like the tube states, it's gentle. The beads are small and with the mixture of ingredients it's a pleasant experience using it.
Unlike many exfoliators I have used in the past where I feel the need to slather my face with moisturiser straight after cleaning my face this one does not leave my skin feeling dry and thirsty for moisturiser which is a huge huge plus for me. I guess that thanks where the cocoa butter kicks in.

FYI I have Combination skin at the moment with oily and dry parts. I would definitely recommend this exfoliator, it costs £13 pounds and I personally think it will go along way till I need to repurchase it again!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

It's time to take the time to create..

I've been playing around wiht my DLSR alot more latley and just wanted to share some of my favourite picutures. I really want to update my camera and get a new body and even some lenses but alas this will not happen for a while soon as they cost a ton.

The cake was my brothers birthday cake, and it didn't last in our house was delicious!
How gorgeous is the cat? I'm not sure where he lives but he comes to my garden sometimes and I love playing with him, he's rather strange though...sometimes when he sees me he will stare at me and then he gets into what looks like a 'i'm about to run and pounce on bird stance' except he just gallops towards me haha. Oh how I love cats and their strange ways.

Friday, 19 August 2011

A look at Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint :Update.

I have been a big fan of Liz Earle products ever since I bought the Cleanse, Polish and Moisturise products so when the absolutely lovely PR team sent me this product to try out I must admit I was excited to do so as I'm a big fan of skin tints. I was impressed with the customer service in store which I spoke about here but even online everyone is so lovely and helpful, it makes me love Liz Earle even more!
The packaging is classic and easy to use, you can control how much comes out the tub as it's a squeezable bottle.
This Skin tint will be the first product of their new make-up range called 'Liz Earle Colour' which they have finally decided to launch (yay!) and this specific product will hit the shelves on September 15th at the cost of £21 for 40ml.
It has been described as something that suits all skin types and is like a foundation but is still lightweight. It has mineral UV protection SP15 but is also packed with natural vitamin E, avocado and borage so it's still has all the good stuff Liz Earle products tend to have making it a more unique skin tint.
It leaves a dewy, even and radiant finish and comes in 3 shades which are Bare, Beige and Beach. I got beach which is the darkest one and if it helps anyone I'm a mac NC44.
And finally below is how it looks blended in....
My thought's...
The consistency is creamy and I used my fingers to put it on (as instructed) and it blended into my skin very well and easily.
I have been using it  for a while now and I personally love it, the cover is very sheer. I didn't expect it to cover up scars and my dark under eye circles but it left me with a gorgeous dewy and light finish. I think this is perfect for good skin days, hot days and also if you don't tend to use heavy coverage like myself. I have been after a product with some SPF in it as well so that added bonus is perfect. I felt as though it gave my skin a lovely glow and would more than certainly repurchase it.
The only downside to me is the lack of different shades, more of a range would be nice as there's not really a shade for people with darker skin.
Update: I have been given some fabulous news that there will be more of a range of shades in the future so more people can enjoy this product!

Also as many of you may know, Liz Earle are eco-friendly and have numerous projects in aid of being green and one of them is providing customers who order this Sheer Skin Tint by mail 3 samples of each of the colours. The reason behind this is to allow you to choose which is the best shade for you rather than trying a full sized product and then realising it's not right for you. They want to avoid unnecessary landfill of good and unused products and I think this is a fantastic way of doing so!
You can sign up here to get a notification of when it's on sale.
Is anyone else planning on trying this skin tint?

Monday, 15 August 2011

Boudoir Prive - First Box - August Les Indispensables

I really wasn't expecting anything in the post for me today and so this was a nice surprise.
I initially wanted to just rip it open and get into the box like a small child opening Christmas present but I slowed down and took some picture of the process! 
So Boudoir Prive consists of 5 samples for £10 each month same as Glossybox however for Glossybox this changes in September as their adding postage costs to the £10
I think comparing this box to Glossybox is going to be inevitable but lets get on with it...

The packaging is lovely, the outer cardboard box is plain compared the glossybox one but who cares? The simplicity is nice and the ribbon and little sticker are pretty. The little note was a really nice personalised touch as well. (I also wish my handwriting was as nice as that!) Inside the note there was also a little booklet with details of all the things inside the box and how to use them along with some half off coupons to give to friends who are not signed up.
Les Indispensables - noun, Fr: Things that are absolutely necessary, essential.
So what's inside I hear you say? Let's have a look...
 Archives 69 and Rien 1.5ml perfume samples. I got Archives 69 from Glossybox not long ago along with a different scent and wasn't really a fan.
 Sachajuan Conditioner 100ml (worth £10)- This a conditioner from a Swedish brand and has 'Ocean silk technology' that suits all hair types and helps detangle hair
 Jane Iredale- Pure Lash Extender and Conditioner sample, not sure what size it is but the 89ml version normally costs £13.00. This product is supposed to encourage the growth of eyelashes and facilitate mascara application. This has to be my favourite sample of them all.
Bloom Green tea treatment and White tea treatment. The green tea  is to help you De-Stress and the white tea treatment is stomach cleansing and helps digest your midday meal. I'm a fan of herbal tea so I will enjoy trying these.

 Olavie (with therapy specialists)- Antioxidant Body Butter Again not sure how many ml this is but the full size 240ml costs £43.55
 Barbor- HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream sample. Full size normally costs a whopping £82.00 for 50ml. This cream is to prevent wrinkles and is full of active ingredients.
Overall the mixture of samples is nice and its all wonderfully packaged however I'm personally disappointed by this box. The samples seem as though their targeted towards a more older audience. Despite this however a couple of things did stand out for me and so I'm looking forward to drinking the teas and trying the the lash conditioner. The tea seems a bit random but their good for you and I like that there's products for the inside as well as out!
The £10 can easily be justified to say the conditioner is worth £10 itself however I think I will be cancelling my subscription (although knowing my luck next months box will be amazing) just because the products don't really suit me  and many I'm not really interested in (i.e wrinkle cream).
Glossybox fits my needs better however I believe that these beauty boxes although they wont fit every single persons needs and preferences some kind of system should be implemented, like a beauty profile to take into consideration stuff like skin tone/type as well as samples people would prefer as I know many would prefer make up over say perfume samples. I think making it more personalised will be more successful with people as they will less likely to be as many disappointments.   
Who else got this box? What do you ladies think about the contents- Yay or nay?