Monday, 30 April 2012

The first Lux Box! What's inside? Review.

I have been eagerly been waiting on the arrival of the Lux Box, a new addition to the beauty boxes containing samples of products each month. I have previously been subscribed to glossybox and Boudoir Prive but eventually ended up cancelling them.
However when I saw that Lux Box will be hitting the internet world soon I was interested and excited to see what they had to offer so I thought why not?
They charged £10 per box plus £2.95 for postage however they did have a promotion on for their first box which meant I only paid £10.45 including postage which was nice!
Let's move on to the box shall we?
The box came in a plain little brown box so I had no idea what it was initially, the box containing the samples itself is simple and a pretty dust pink/mauve colour (which my camera has clearly not picked up), it isn't as sturdy as the previous boxes I have had from other companies but I honestly don't care about that.
It comes with a card with details about all the products.
Pretty similar to other boxes out there, pretty packaging as always!
Ready to see what's inside?
So we have..
Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream 10ml RRP £14.00 Full Size
A triple action eye cream which helps to revitalise weary eyes, smooth away dark shadows and reduce appearance of fine lines. Comes with a £3.00 off code. Interested in trying this out as I don't use a eye cream at the moment.
MOA The Green Balm- Not sure on the size of this but it's a TINY little jar.
A 100% natural balm which can be used for loads of different things like eczema, psoriasis, bites, bumps, grazes, minor burns, coldsores and even a facial cleaning balm. This sounds like a handy multi-purpose balm and comes with a 20% off code.
BM Beauty Eyeshadow
100% pure mineral eyeshadow in Aquatic Galaxy and Marble sparkle. Both are gorgeous colours, you can't see in the picture as much but Marble sparkle is a lovely pearly colour, perfect to use as a highlighter. Again a 20% off code is included with this.
Eldora False Lashes in H146 RRP £4.05 Full Size
Handmade false lashes, I'm not a big lash wearer but I'm looking forward to experimenting..I have read a review by Lou about these lashes before which was positive! They have also given a £5 off £15 orders code.
Last but not least Steam cream! RRP £12 Full size
I was incredibly excited to get this as I have been wanted to try this cream for a loong long time. Steam cream is made with high quality natural ingredients which is fused together with steam. The tin is a limited edition Mako Kikkawa one. This is also a 2010 Beauty Insiders choice Winner. and comes with a 20% off code.

Overall I am really pleased with the content of the box, the steam cream itself is worth the amount I paid for the box and more. Three full sized products and a nice mixture of cosmetic and skin care products is perfect and the kind of box I love! I have had boxes in the past which are mainly skincare which is great but I prefer a mixture to keep things from getting boring. So far from other peoples boxes it seems as though everyone has received the same items with a little variation in eyeshadow colours which I like as I always end up seeing things that other people have that I would have preferred in mine. I also like that they give you money off codes for each of the items which is great if you fall in love with a product.
 I'm looking forward to trying all the products and will review them in the future. Based on this box I am impressed and will be looking forward to the next box. Did you get this box?
P.S sorry for the poor quality pictures, I just wanted to get this post up before going out! :)

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Avon Haul- Supershock eyeliner, Liquid Freeze, Hydra Radience cream..

Now, I've not been in the best of moods lately, hence the lack of presence on the internet world. Life giving lemons and all that, heartbreak sucks *sigh*.
However I did get some things from Avon for the first time in a long time and just thought I'd share them.
I got Solutions Hydra Radiance Day and Night cream. The Day Moisturiser has SPF15 in it. Both RRP £9.00 each but are on half price at the moment. This range is for dull/dehydrated skin and I find it perfect for my skin, moisturising enough and a pleasant smell. I have been using Liz Earle's moisturiser which I absolutely love but I ran out and thought I'd try these, plus they have the added bonus of SPF which I think is important,
The packaging is glass, very sturdy and nice although I do wish it was in a squeezable tube as I feel like it's not as hygienic in a pot which you will have to dip your fingers in everyday.  

Next up is the Supershock Gel Eyeliner in Black RRP £6.00 but they have a new offer a the moment so you can get it for £4.00. I am indeed supershocked with this eyeliner, I heard one of the pixiwoo sisters mention it and they obviously know what their talking about so I bought one and love it!!
 It glides on incredibly easily, it's super black and on my hand it does not smudge unless I really start rubbing if this is the case on my hand then surely on the waterline it will last longer? Indeed it does, I get watery eyes often so I never expect eyeliners to last all day but this did a good job clinging on to dear life on my waterline. I would definatley recommend this eyeliner.

And because I bought the eyeliner I got a Ultra Color Rich Satin lipstick for free...(RRP £6.50)
 I chose a darker shade than I usually would as my lips are pretty pigmented and many lipsticks never show up the same colour on my lips. This however is an's incredibly pigmented. I got the shade Buttered Rum.
Then I got Avon Liquid freeze nail spray (RRP £6.00) as I am incredibly impatient when it comes to wet nail polish and always end up smudging and ruining my nails before they dry. I haven't used it yet but I'm looking forward to it!
There's always offers on at Avon so the prices can change alot but overall I'm pleasantly surprised and pleased with my purchases. I am loving the eyeliner right now, it has to be my favourite purchase of them all! Do you have a favourite Avon Product?

Monday, 9 April 2012

New Purchases: Benefit They're Real and Sleek Blush by 3

Just a quick post about my new make-up purchases. I'm trying to refrain from buying any especially as I'm doing a swap with Andrea! But I just had to get these two products, they have been blogged about over and over again, I'm sure most of you have seen/heard of/have them.
I am super excited to finally have them myself.
I caved into getting Benefits They're real mascara as I just keep hearing positive things about it so I'm looking forward to trying it. I decided not to open it until I'm actually ready to use it.
I also got Sleek's Blush by 3 in 'Lace' I chose Lace as I was drawn in by the oranges and my blush collection at the moment is all pinks! This cost £9.99 from Superdrug. This is also my FIRST Sleek product!! Crazy I know.
I tend to feel *ugh* when taking pictures of make-up/swatches as it can be so hard (to me at least) to capture the true colours. But I tried my best! 
The two colours on the outside 'Crochet'- Orange and 'Chantilly'- Red toned Coral are matte whilst the middle 'Guipure' has shimmer but not in a bad way, trust me I normally stay away from shimmer/glitter make-up.
The middle colour also reminds me of Nars orgasm a little bit, I don't own it but from what I've seen online in person this sleek blush has the similar two tone peach-gold kinda colour to it, it's gorgeous! I also believe Sleek sell this blush on it's own under the name 'Rose Gold'. All three colours look incredibly pigmented and bright in the pan
 So far I am loving this trio and I will do a more in depth post about it soon! I am even tempted to buy the other trios whilst their still being sold..
What do you think? own any Sleek Blush by 3's?

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Instagrammin and Giveaway winner

1) Spike bracelet/hair tie 2) New Liz Earle product for me to try 3) Cool Billboard I saw 4) Barburrito...yum. 5) Amazing amazing billionaires dessert from M&S 6) Hot Cross buns 7) Trip to my fave place Chiquitos with my lovely friend. 8) Pretty flowers I got and a chick! 9) Giant Chess in Leeds 10) Alarm got me out of bed, this monster woke me up! It actually was bigger than it looks I had to have my Iphone so close to it to even get that picture!

My giveaway winner isssss the lovely.... Joanne! I used and it picked the third comment!

 Sorry about the delay and thank you to everyone else who entered I'll be having another giveaway soon enough! Hope your all having a nice weekend. <3