Friday, 29 January 2010

Photography and Waves

One of my favourite photographers is Clark Little a surfer-turned-photographer. Surprisingly his photographs involve water. They capture the power and beauty of waves inside out before they crash down.

His photographs are absolutely breath taking, the first time I saw them I was amazed at how unique and powerful the images are.  There not the easiest photographs to take and it can be dangerous. He let's us see his views of waves safely without being in the ocean.

The picture below is one of my favourties, I love how the wave frames the sunset, Beautiful. 

Another fave, I like how blue it is and you can just see the force of the wave without having to feel it, he captures them at the perfect moment.

Tell me about a photograrapher you love?

Monday, 25 January 2010

Lush Batho Bubble Bar, Shower Jelly Review

Yes there seems to be a Lush craze going on across bloggers at the moment, but will that stop me from writing reviews? No! 
So first of all I used Batho Bubble bar the other day which looks like this:

Cost: £2.50
Smell: Amazing.
So I had a hot bath running and (accidentally) crumbled half of a batho into it, it's SO much easier to crumble than the comforter.
I then went downstairs whilst I was waiting for my hot lush bath. My bathroom is pretty much at the top of the stairs and I was about to go back up and was at the bottom of the staircase where the smell of batho hit me and lured me back up to the bathroom. My mum was even saying that when I was draining the bath she went outside to throw rubbish in the bins and she could smell the bath water and loved the scent.
I absolutely love this bubble bar, it's right up there with the comforter bar. Initially I couldn't really put my finger on the smell but according to lush it's Violets and ylang ylang, there's also some Jasmine thrown in there. Violet leaf essential oils are stated to be very relaxing and help you forget your worries.
This bubble bar gave the water a slight tinge of dark purple, the bubbles lasted for a while, I mean I was going pruney at the fingers and toes and there was still some bubbles left, not as much as comforter though.

Would I buy it again? Yes.

Okay this is super late I know, but I guess it can prepare you for Christmas 2010! (If they decide to make it again)
Snow Showers Shower Jelly.
I wasn't too keen on shower jellys after my last experience of it constantly slipping out my fingers and falling. (which I know a lot of people have experienced.) But not this time! I used it with exfoliating gloves and it worked so much better, it lathered up well too. If you have had a rubbish experience with jellies I can't stress enough how much you should try them with some exfoliating gloves (or maybe a sponge), I basically ripped a small chunk of the jelly as you really don't need much and then squashed it between my fingers, because of the texture of exfoliating gloves it sticks to them and there you have it! No slipping away.
The smell is sweet orange, lime and cognac oils. It's citrusy and very unique, I really liked the smell.
You can use shower jellies as they are or you can refrigerate or freeze them and either way it will definatley give you an invigorating shower.
I will be buying this shower jelly again if it's out for christmas this year and I'll also be giving other jellies a chance now I have mastered how to use Jellies without dropping it every 2 seconds.
Freezing or refrigerating it sounds interesting and I think I'll next try it out of the fridge and see how that go's.

Has anyone else tried Lush's shower jellies?

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Children say the cutest things..

So I'm currently working at a Primary school on placement and we were in assembly and the children got asked to put their hands up if they know what they want to do when they grow up. One pupil from each year group was picked  to share their thats Reception to year 6.
This is what they said:
Year 6- Racing car driver
Year 5- Fashion Designer
Year 4- Doctor
Year 3- Dentist
Year 2- Policeman (I think)
Year 1- Fireman (because he likes fire)
Then the little girl in Reception said- 'When I grow up I want to be a butterfly'
I thought that was the cutest thing ever! It made my morning.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Secret Valentine Swap

So I Just wanted to share with you all, this fantastic idea of a Secret Valentine swap. I missed the secret santa swap which I wasn't pleased about but now there's this! A fabulous idea to make valentines more exciting especially for those without a boy or girlfriend.
Anyone from around the world can take part so you could end up with some fabulous goodies that aren't available in your country. The deadline is January 22nd 2010 so thats THIS Friday!! For more information on how to participate click here.
Soooo, who's taking part?

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Alice In wonderland OPI + Urban decay Collabaration

Oh how I'm a fan of the classic Alice In Wonderland Movie, I absolutely can't wait for the 3D directed by Tim Burton and released by Disney version to be out, I'm really looking forward to it, I know it's going to be incredible.
In tribute to this movie there's been a lot of designers and brands producing Alice themed amazingness.
For instance OPI's limited edition range..

So we have (from left to right)
  • Thanks so muchness- A berry red, with subtle micro glitter.
  • Mad as a hatter- Clear base Multi-glitter (defo suit's the name) this one screams parties although I'd wear it anyway!
  • Absolutley Alice (NEED- I'd say this is a fave) this one, it's blue based and packed with gold and blue micro glitter.
  • Off with her red- Classic bright red.
I love the names, I think I'll be getting all four for sure, they have already been released..I'm browsing online for them right now...anyone know of UK site's that stock OPI?

....Next Urban Decay Alice In wonderland Palette kit.
I've known about this product for a while now but because I didn't know if the release date I had was right thus I haven't mentioned this until now as I really need to express how incredible this is. 

This palette has 16 of the best selling superbly pigmented eyeshadows with name's like 'white rabbit', 'Alice' and 'Curiouser'. A mini version of the legendary primer potion and two 24/7 eyeliner pencils. This amazing creation is out in the US on the 15th!!!! for $57. Unfortunately I don't have a clue when it's out in the UK yet =/ but it's VERY limited product and apparently only 2000 are going to be sold in the UK.  You can look at swatches and more info here.

Can't wait to get my hand's on both OPI and UD products, and their making me even more excited for the movie (child at heart haha). Is anyone else looking forward to these products or even the movie itself?

Monday, 11 January 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts Uni work and Placement are taking over my life right now.=( Pressure.
Caz influenced me on this post!

So Today I have on:

Primark Bracelet - Around £2.50 maybe!

Love this, My owl necklace from a random store in Philidelphia

Sorry about the blurryness my camera wouldn't focus!
Earrings from Forever 21

As you can tell I love vintage inspired unique jewelry. The owl is amazing, it's hard to describe but the body is in like four pieces all linked together so it kinda moves!
What do you have on today?

Friday, 8 January 2010

Blog award and randomness..

My first Blog award yay!
She's lovely! I appreciate all of my followers, thank you for taking your time and reading and following my blog. I think the whole award thing is fantastic, a great way to learn more about a blogger and also finding new blogs that you might end up loving.

The rules for this award are as follows:
Thank the blogger who awarded you and link her.
Put the picture of the award in your blog.
Award 7 bloggers and link them.Tell them you awarded them.
Tell us 7 random facts about yourself!

7 random facts about me:
  1. When it's cold I'm REALLY cold and when it's hot I get really hot. I Think I have abnormal sensitivity to temperature or something!
  2. I love the USA. - NY + Cali especially (so far) and the accents <3
  3. My boyfriend is from california! I can't wait to move there.
  4. I'm a huge procrastinator, I will do anything and everything before I do any essays or uni work, for instance yesterday I went on a crazy shopping bender online at Topshop and Dorothy Perkins.
  5. I have the biggest sweet tooth ever, I have a separate stomach when it comes to desserts Chocolate (that isn't boring + plain) is just another story. Not a huge gummy and chewy sweet fan though
  6. Back in the days I used to dye my hair HOT pink, purple, blue...any bright and random colours and at one point I had a stripy pink and purple fringe.
  7. I love the weird and wonderful. Anything quirky, strange, different and unique. For instance Tim Burton movies, even more so when Johnny Depp is in them. I love it, they work wonderfully together.
The 7 blogs I'm, awarding  are:

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Fashion: Lace Leggings.

I’ve always (pre-trend) been huge fan of lace leggings and baroque patterns so the first time I saw them it was love.

Yes they are statement leggings but that’s not a bad thing if you wear them with the right outfit.
Not liking how Shenae's wearing them, the outfit looks too busy and I'm not a fan of wearing leggings without my butt covered. Megan however pull's them off great, a causal and simple cardigan and then the atenttion grabbing leggings.

So after I saw these I’ve pretty much looked everywhere online for a cheaper alternative but no luck. Crazily I was on facebook on a friend’s page and she had some similar one’s, I popped her a message saying she MUST tell me where they are from. Sadly she bought them months ago from H&M so I doubt I’ll get my hands on them.

The leggings Megan is wearing are $85 at first I was tempted but then its $101 with tax and shipping which is about £62.51 and then even more if I want them shipped to me in the UK. As much as I love them I can’t justify spending that much on leggings, especially as they wear out pretty quick.

What do you guys think of lace leggings?
I know these kind of leggings people are either going to love or hate, think there tacky or hot! I think there fun and love anything (almost) that's unique/quirky and different from the rest.

If anyone has seen alternatives, similar kinda style please do let me know! =)

Sunday, 3 January 2010

First Haul.. Lush! + Valentines Products.

 I FINALLY got a chance to go shopping on Tuesday last week and planned to hit Lush first. I got into Leeds around 10am-ish maybe a bit later and Lush was dead along with the rest of town so I was quiet pleased about this as I can't stand shopping when its crazy.

As soon as I got inside (me and my friend were the only customers) I spent about ten mins talking to the SA and they didn’t really follow me around or anything as they could tell I knew what I was after. There were hardly any bath ballistics left so I only got about 5 of them. Here’s what I got:

Excuse the rubbish picture my SLR decided to die on me when I needed it.

So I got:
2 So white bath balistics- Used these before and I lovee them
2 Butterballs
A Satsumo Santa
The biggest Bottle of snow fairy I could find. I think I'm the only person who hasn't tried this shower gel yet..
Then I got a Free Stardust Gift
Tea Tree Water- Tried this once and like it so far, no strong scent of tea tree which I really expected.
I love juicy Shampoo I loved the smell of this, tried it out yesterday
American Cream Conditioner- Heard alot about this one and seemed like the best selling conditioner
1 Star Melt- What was I thinking? I only got one?! I love this star melt it's delicious. The smell is my fave.
Rock Star Soap- The smell is almost as good as the star melt and again I've heard alot about this soap.
Free The art of bathing Hat box
A free broken bit of Manage too massage bar.

Also in the pic is the unwrapped sweet and dreamy gift I got for christmas which I was meaning to blog about in this I got
Honey I washed the kids- which for some crazy reason didn't smell like it usually does :(
The comforter bubble bar- love this, see previous blog review.

Dream Cream
A ring of roses Buttercream
Dream Time bath melt
Waving not drowning bath ballistic
Vanilla Fountain Bath ballistic- Have 3 of these now, really need to try it out

Therapy Massage Bar

I kinda got carried away in lush but oh how I love it and they had the spend £20 get a free gift offer going on so I ended up getting over £60 pounds worth of free gifts and thanks to the informative sales assistant I managed to get a hatbox, they weren't out when I actually got there but bless her she told me to hang on.
I also got a sample of BIG, not sure if it will work for me due to my thick hair so it's going to take a lot to really massage it into my scalp the SA has thick hair too said she tried it and didn't think it was the best for our hair type. Not sure if the sample is enough for me to really test it out and have an opinion on it.

Don't think i'll be going to lush for a while now, only when the Valentines products come out I want to get my hands on Turkish Delight- 20,000 petals in every pot!

There's also the Magic Mushroom Bubble bar (scents of Vanillary and Yummy Yummy) The ex factor bath ballistic (Buterball Scent) and Love soap (Smells of Sex Bomb Ballistic) that I want to try out.

I'll be doing reviews on products as I use them, next one will be on I love Juicy and American Cream.
So has anyone tried any of the product's in this haul? what do you think of them?

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Forgotten Nail Polish

So I decided to explore my bag of nail polishes, it's been a while since I've done this as I've had my fave colours out on my desk. There was a lot of colours I never really liked or thought of using back in the days which I quiet like now for instance this:

Without flash

With Flash

Nail Polish is by Alessandro £9.00
I bought it from a now closed department store years and years ago, surprised it's not all gloopy yet.
I believe there may be a Barry M dupe or colour similar to Alessandro as I know this brand may be hard to find.
Loveeee the colour, its so bright and kinda reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream...I received many compliments at work too. I guess it's not a colour you see everyday so it defo stands out.
I only needed one coat of this polish and it's fantastic, no streaking, the first picture shows the truest colour but to me I still feel in person its slightly more brighter.

 Upcoming haul: Lush!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Hello 2010! + Lush- The comforter Bubble Bar review

Happy New Year everyone. I can't believe it's 2010 allready! I hope everyone had a fantastic night/day.

Thought I'd do a quick review about the much raved about Comforter bubble bar.

Initial thoughts: It's a HUGE bubble bar the picture above show's how much I had left, I used about a quarter of it. Compared to other bubble bars like Ma Bar this one to me is much bigger. I'm not sure if it's usually that big but I got it in my Sweet and dreamy Gift for Christmas and I was quiet suprised at the size.
First thought's on the smell was Sweet, it reminded my brother of some kind of candy.
Lush describes this bubble bar as fruity and blackcurrant, I'd say it's definatley sweet and fruity.

I found breaking this bubble bar slightly difficult at first but once I did it was easy to crumble into my running bath. And this was the result!.....

My bath was full of fluffy bubbles and turned a lovely pink colour too which was a nice suprise, in the picture above you can see a really deep pink....that would be my bath mat! but the lighter pink towards the left was the colour of the bath water.
The bubbles lasted for ages and were lovely and moisturising whilst the smell wasn't too strong but sweet and fruity.

Overall I really really enjoyed this bubble bar and I see why alot of people love it. I think it's definatley going to end up being one of my favourites and if your a fan of sweet smells I reccomend this to you.

So.... who has new years resolutions?