Thursday, 24 March 2011

My new(ish) skincare routine.. consists of the very much talked about Liz Earle products!

Not even sure how long it has been now maybe just over month since I went to the Leeds Liz Earle store where I received fantastic customer service. I think it's a really important aspect of stores, to have good customer service, it made me feel comfortable, I felt as though I could ask questions if I wanted to, I felt like I really understood what services they have to offer and most of all I felt like a valued customer, it made me feel happy to go back. I was also given loads of information including booklets with tons of stuff about Liz Earle, other products and how to use them and a sample too.
My biggest peeve when shopping is rude and unhelpful sale assistants, when I used to work at M&S I felt good helping people out as much as I can and even better when they showed their appreciation (although I did get plain damn rude customers too, but the nice ones outweighed them)  I just don't get why so many stores lack the simple thing of good service.

Anyway rant aside, I got some lovely goodies at Liz Earle.  They had an offer on where I got two hot cloth cleansers, muslin cloths, skin tonic and a moisturiser and a beauty pouch to put them all in all for £41.

Everything was so nicely wrapped, complete with a ribbon to close the bag.

The goodies!

This has to be the most talked about and super popular product, this is what drew me in. It has rosemary, chamomile, cocoa butter and eucalyptus essential oil. I am sure you all already know about and have read tons of posts about this (I know I have!) so I won't go on too much. But basically this creamy cleanser is rubbed onto dry skin and then you soak the muslin cloth in hand hot water and remove the cleanser followed by a splash of cold water. 
I was told at the store to use warm water rather than hot as it would be better for my combination skin type.
 So far I do really like this product but I do get lazy as your only supposed to use the muslin cloth a couple of times (max 3 times) then wash it. I have two so I can have them on rotation but sometimes I'm in the 'cba' mood so I just grab my old cleanser. That's just me though, I can be so lazy sometimes haha.

Above is the skin tonic and moisturiser.
The tonic isn't exactly a toner, it's more to prepare your skin for the moisturiser I was told. The tonic has Organic Aloe vera, Calendula, rose scented geranium and natural vitamin e. I know some people might think it's pointless & just skip this product or not see a use for it but I honestly LOVE it, it's so refreshing on my skin which is amazing on a morning. It makes sure my skin is 100% clean especially if I have just taken make up off and it has a lovely refreshing smell.

I got the Normal/Combination skin repair moisturiser (Borage and avocado oil, echinacea, beta-carotene and natural vitamin e) which so far I am loving, it's very rich and creamy. Thus you don't need to use huge amounts of it and it will last you a long time. I was also informed that if I find the moisturiser doesn't suit my skin type that I can take it back and it would be replaced with another one that might be better. I thought that was fantastic, never heard of any brand do that and so many times I have come home with a moisturiser to find it's to much for my skin or not moisturising enough.

In general although it hasn't been months and months, so far I am enjoying using these products. I love Liz Earle's philosophy, no animal testing or animal ingredients, no mineral oils, no genetically engineered ingredients and either none or minimal preservatives. The products have ingredients that is Botanical (directly from plants), naturally active ingredients and loads of natural vitamin e. I also love their dedication to the customers, along with great customer service they provide so much information and help (they even have a free library upstairs at the Leeds store!). I have their 'Spring green issue' newsletter booklet and it's packed with not only what they have to offer and special promotions but they tell you who they are and what they stand for.
Are you a lover of these products?

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Shellac Nails Review

I have had Shellac on my nails for two weeks today and have done all kinds of things where a normal manicure would have chipped...from washing dishes, taping things, opening packages..they have stayed perfectly on my nails. Minus the dreadful nail technician doing an awful job and having to scrub my nails (really harshly) with acetone to take it all off and have someone else do it. (I would not recommend 'Miss Nails' in Kirkgate shopping centre-Bradford *shakes fist*) 
Picture taken from google.
I have really liked having Shellac on my nails, it definitely is a long lasting manicure with a lovely glossy shine. I can also say it has helped my nails grow and stay strong, my nails are prone to breaking and chipping but for the past two weeks I have had none of it. Only problem I have is that many salons seem to have a limited range of colours but I guess this could be passed off to fact that it fairly new, maybe. It cost £15 which is the cheapest I have seen it so far, if anyone knows of any good places in Leeds please let me know!

For those who are wondering what Shellac is, it is basically a range of UV hybrid (half polish, half gel) polishes created by CND which involves a UV base coat, the colour you want and then a top coat which are all set by a UV light. It is advertised to last flawlessly for 14 days. So no chips, smudges or any of that annoyingness and is removed in 10 minutes.
I would without a doubt recommend this, especially if you are sick of having to re paint nails often. I love it and will be getting Shellac again!  Has anyone else tried this?

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Keep Calm

I miss my old workplace, well the people, the money and being busier than usual. I went to see West is West with a couple of the girles I used to work with (at M&S) and saw this cute little piggie! I love some of the thing's they sell, they never fail to surprise me. 
I seriously need to save my pennies, the message spoke to me haha.

Then I saw the cutest easter 'egg', now I know not everyone is a fan of this little kitty but you cannot deny the cuteness!
M&S have some rather odd easter eggs this year, I wish I got a pic of them the rows below the hello kitties. They were just plain damn odd haha but I love that. They do some awesome easter 'eggs' every year, quiet unique too with the different shapes and sally the sheep or barry the bunny shaped chocolate goodness.

I feel rather sad that I am blogging about work but ah well just some cool things that I wanted to share!