Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Recent purchases Garnier, H&M, Naked, The Body shop

I'm trying not to shop much as I want to save up but as I'm doing a swap with the lovely Andrea of course I keep seeing thing's I want! Here's what I have picked up recently...
 H&M 'Lipgloss' £1.99
More of a lipbalm in my eyes but how cute is the packaging?! I'm clearly a sucker for cute packaging. Smells like a typical cherry balm. They also have orange and apple flavours too.

Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter RRP £8.00
Pretty much a conditioning treatment. It's eco concious, containing no silcones, colourants and parabens and is full of pracaxi oil, manketti nut oil and honey.
I will do a blog post about this in the future as I'm loving it!
 Naked 2 Palette RRP £36.00 but I got mine on offer.
This was one of those compulsive purchases, I'm sure I'll be making use of it more than the first one as I like the colours in this palette better.
 Garnier 2 in 1 Make up remover and toner. I got them for 2 for £4 as I had money to spend after returning my Collection 2000 concealer (oh how I wish they had more colours). These are currently on 3 for 2 in boots. I got them as sadly my Bioderma cleanser is running low.
Annnnd that's about it! Well I do have some thing's from Zara but I need to figure out how to capture the prettiness of them. What have you been buying lately?

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Liz Earle Shampoo, treatment and conditioner.

I tend to wash my hair once to twice a week as I feel that's enough for my hair. I have accumulated alot of shampoos that I need to use up so I have not used these products long enough to give a full review but so far I am really enjoying them.
My hair at the moment is er...boob length and super thick and unfortunately frizzy, I don't use a lot of heat but I think thick hair is prone to frizz and split ends? sigh.
I have the Botanical shine shampoo for all hair types RRP £8.00 200ml
This contains natural Vitamin E, aloe vera, shea butter and apple and orange extracts.

Botanical Shine conditioner for dry or damaged hair RRP £8.00 200ml
This contains shea butter, blue seakale, Kenyan yangu oil, apple and orange extracts

Lastly Liz Earle have recently added a Botanical Shine treatment to their collection which is aimed at frozzy, coarse or very dry hair....so basically it's made for me.£14.00 150ml
Liz Earle's Shine treatment...a nice thick consistency.
My thoughts...
The tubes are not the biggest and having thick and long hair I need to use a little more product but having said that it states on the shampoo that 'a little go's a long way...if needed add more water for more lather' therefore it will last longer than I first assumed. 

The shampoo left my hair feeling squeaky clean which makes me feel like it's really cleansed my hair of all the dirt and oils.
The combination of the three products left me with hair that felt soft and upon drying it did feel more smoother than usual but not totally frizz free which I expected and it was shiny.

All three products have a orangey smell which I personally love, it's very refreshing and especially nice in the morning and lingers for a while after using them.

I feel like I could get away with using the treatment as a conditioner soon as I don't wash my hair too frequently as it's very conditioning. I'm a fan of these as they don't contain a ton of nasty chemicals like a lot of products do... no silicones either!

If you want to try the conditioner and shampoo they are actually currently on buyapowa here and if enough people join in you can get the pair for £11.... bargain!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

NOTD- Barry M Racing Green Nail Paint

I have been so lazy with my nails lately but cracked open the old chest of nail polishes and decided to paint them with Barry M's Racer Green (299). I love this colour, it's a perfect mermaid green with gold and green glitter.
It took me two coats to get it the colour it looks in the bottle, I did like the colour with one coat which was looked more of a blue green but it wasn't opaque enough.
I also put a little litter on my ring finger, no idea what the brand is for the glitter polish is it's a super old bottle I go in my teens.
Gosh it's hard getting true to colour pictures, I need a new lens for my Canon too but here's the pictures ( I Personally don't think they do the colour justice) :
Natural light
 Ignore my terribly misshapen nails *cringe* I wanted to take the pictures whilst the lighting was still good.
This 10ml bottle cost £2.99 and can be found here
 What is your favourite Barry M colour?

Friday, 10 February 2012

My lipstick collection swatches MAC, Rimmel...

I have never really been huge on wearing lipstick, I tend to be more of a tinted lip balm/tint kinda girl however over the past few years I seem to have accumulated lipsticks and have started wearing them more.
So I thought I'd share my little collection which surprise surprise consists mainly of MAC...

 I tried to get pictures that show the truest colours but gosh that's not easy with the lighting in my room but this should give you an idea...
 I pretty much honestly love all of them except for the two M&S one's which aren't as pigmented and come off easily but to say they cost £3.25 I'm not surprised. My most worn is MAC'S Hot gossip which I sometimes mix with faux.
Some are way too pale for me for instance the MAC viva glam gaga but I mix it with the more brighter colours to get a shade that's perfect! Does anyone else mix lipsticks? What's your favourite colour?

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Babyliss Pro Rebel Conical Wand Review

I tend to become so lazy with my hair, most the time I just leave it air dried which has started to become boring. I bought the Babyliss Pro Rebel Conical wand years ago back with Laura aka lollipop26 aka Buy now blog later (who I'm sure most of you have heard of) was making you tube videos.
But I barley ever used it to be honest, I was put off as I thought it would take forever to curl all of my hair like wands I have used in the past. I'm not the biggest fan of using heat on my hair, but as I'm getting so bored of my same old hair this wand is seeing light of the day much more.
 A simple on and off switch and also a red and green light to indicate when it's off and on. Whilst it's heating up the two lights will flash alternately until it's ready at your desired temperature.

 -I got the 32-19mm barrel for around £21 on ebay but it's also available on amazon and you can get smaller barrels too.
-It has 25 heat settings and it also came with a heat proof mat which wraps round the wand when it's not in use and a three finger glove (I lost mine...oops.)
-The tip of the wand does not heat up so if you need to, you can use it to help with the curling.
 All you do is take a section of your hair wrap, wait, release and there you go! 

 This is pre conical wand useage (a day after washing it, thick and frizzy!):
Please ignore the quality of these pictures! I had to use my webcam.
Seriously if anyone knows how to battle frizz let me know, bane of my life. My hair is even frizzier the day I wash it but then calms down over the day's.

And this is after using the conical wand:
I'm not orange in real life...honest!
 How I used it...
I used the highest setting and varied the size of the section I curled each time but I mainly used slightly bigger sections. I also didn't hold the wand in my hair very long..(4/5 seconds I think) I used it so the ends of my hair went around the finest part of the barrel and the wider part of the barrel wrapped the top of my hair.
Obviously the size of the sections and the time you hold the wand in your hair will vary the curl/waves. I prefer the casual wave to wear everyday but would consider using smaller sections when I want a more defined look.
My thoughts...
-The glove I found annoying to use, I'd prefer a full hand glove or nothing at all but either way you have to be careful not to burn yourself as this can be easily done.
-I like that there's 25 heat settings I need a higher heat to battle with the thickness of my hair, I used the highest setting
-I love that it's tapered from 32-19mm making it a more versatile wand allowing you to create waves/curls of different tightness. For instance you could use the pointed end to create tight curls.
-Because I used the highest setting I didn't keep my hair wrapped around the wand for as long meaking it much quicker.
- It's quick and easy to use as there's no clamp which also means no kinks!

Overall I'm pleased with this wand will be using it more often, although I have been lusting after some heated rollers just for the simple fact that I can put them in my hair and do my make up whilst they do their thing!
What rollers would you recommend?....Have you tried this conical wand?

Sunday, 5 February 2012

My week in Pictures.

 Not the prettiest of pictures this week but hey, nothing wrong with that. My week has been pretty chilled, I've had a awful cold so I have been lazing alot.
1.I went to Yo! Sushi for the first time with my lovely friend and absolutely loved it,  for the longest time I thought they only sold raw fish but oh how I was wrong. I enjoyed trying all the new things and was stuffed by the end! Only thing is getting carried away getting dishes as the portions are small (and there's a conveyor belt of food going around the whole room) so it can get expensive.
2. After a lovely meal some retail therapy happened. I didn't even want nor need anything but alas the beautiful thing's in Zara got the best of me. Not sure if I'm keeping everything I got..will be doing a blog post about it soon.
3.After a little discussion on twitter about movie's I got 'Valentines Day' to watch and I loved it! I Didn't realise how many well known actors/actresses were in this movie, of course I weeped as well. I cry so easily. Next on my list is 'Drive'.
4.Snow hit's England...fun times, I mean it looks pretty and is cool for a couple of days but then it just becomes a nuisance. I want the summer already please.
5.My dad came home with the car looking like that! Scared the hell out of me but thankfully he's okay.
6. Webcam sessions with my my BF, his puppy Bella is the cutest little thing ever.

How was your week?