Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Accidents and a Mini Skincare Haul with M&S and Apivita

So after this happened to my beloved...

Which yes I am gutted about, my own fault of course. I surprise surprise will now end up spending a bomb on a beautiful new lens...I might even just start fresh and go the whole shabang and get a new body too.
Anyway, going a little off track there, I will be using my handy Iphone for pictures so sorry for the lack of quality.
I wanted to share a little Skincare haul today!
Mark's and Spencer's beauty hall is pretty amazing since they updated it and added some amazing brands from all over the world. There is so much to choose from so I'd absolutely recommend a visit or check it out online here.
Another added bonus is that they have 20% off every now and again which is a nice perk especially if you're splashing out. Sometimes they have a discovery event on (like now!) which means they give you free gifts which are normally travel size or full sized so a great way to 'discover' when you buy products.
I had a little shop during the 20% off not long ago and bought some Apivita. Which is one of my favourite ranges that they stock, the brand is all about using as much natural ingredients as they can in their products and leaving out all the nasty parabans,silicones, mineral oils etc.
Here are my purchases:
                                                                         Revitalizing Face Mask £3.00

 Radiance serum: Free!! Because I spent a little over £40 I got this serum worth £29.50 for nothing. So along with 20% off all the prices I also got the added delight of this little gem. Love it!
Have you bought anything from the M&S beauty hall lately?