Saturday, 19 February 2011

These shoes

need to be mine. 

Pictures are taken from google images.

These studded beauts are Sam Edelman 'Lorissa' peep toe pumps available in nude, black and off white. They had all three colours available on this website for $200 which is around £123 but there only seems to be off white left now. I want them in nude or black very much *sigh*. Beautiful.  


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Matte it up.

 I finnnnnnally got my hands on Avon's matte nail polishes...
From left there is Black as Night, Inky Blue, Grey Cement and my favourite....Violetta. The only one I didn't get was red velvet. I actually only wanted the black one but they all looked so pretty I couldn't help my self eep.
I got these on ebay for £2.75 each which is a good price to say they cost around £5.00 in the catalogue at the moment (normal price is £6).

Verdict? I have only worn the black and Inky Blue on all my nails they dried fairly quick however I found the polish started to chip within a day. Last night I painted my nails at about 10pm maybe later with Inky Blue and's only 3pm and all I have done is get ready and go to the gym they are pretty chipped.

I have read that these polishes last longer on false nails but in my experience they suck on real nails, I am quiet glad I didn't splash out £6.00 per nail polish... I wouldn't really recommend them to be honest.
It's a real shame.... I was really looking forward to having matte nails as it is a nice change. I'd definitely wear some of them with a top coat for instance Inky Blue and's such a pretty purple and I don't have one like it in shiny form. I'm not sure if using a base coat would have helped but just as they are, it has been an unfortunate fail for me!

Monday, 7 February 2011

100 followers giveaway. NOW CLOSED!

 It know it's not an extravagant prize as some others have but it's just a little something as a Thank you for being a follower. I was really weary about what to have as prizes and was on a budget so I hope you like this!

♥ELF pallete
♥Lush Butterball Bath Ballistic (number one in the best selling products!), Ma Bar Bubble Bar and a Star Melt
♥Bow Bag
♥Ribbon & Asher Necklace
♥ A yummy Thornton's chocolate lollipop.

-This is for my followers only therefore you must be a public follower via google connect.
-It's open worldwide.
-Winner will be chosen via
-It will close on March 6th 2011 GMT and entries after this will not be counted.

How to enter...
You must leave a comment with this information:
-Email address (If you wish to disclose this, if not you will have to keep a look out for the winner's post)
-Blog Link (If you have one)

For Extra entries:
- Tweet about my giveaway.. maybe something like '@Msprin is having a giveaway on'  +1
-Blog about it with the picture and link it to this page+1
- Post on your sidebar with the picture and link it to this page+1
- Tell me your favourite quote...funny, inspiring, motivational...any! +1

Let me know if you have blogged or tweeted and link me to it lovelies!

Good Luck <3

Saturday, 5 February 2011

New buys..

On my way home from university I go through Leeds city centre and oh how tempting it is to go shopping.I tell myself I just need to pick up one thing and end up going to five shops. Lethal.
Here's some of the things I have bought in the past week...
Okay the 'skin' background looks kind of weird to me but anyway these are both from Primark. The owl is too cute. These were both £1.50 each...they have a lot of jewellery and accessories at that price at the moment.
 I have read soo many fantastic reviews about the 'Treatment for hair that never grows past a certain length' here,and on other blogs. I got it more for the conditioning aspects though,it's normally £7.14 for that tub and the same for the 'Hot shots' (which sounds rather cool, a self heating hair treatment!) but at the moment there's an offer at Boots where you can get any two Lee Stafford products for £8.00 which is such a great offer....I had to take advantage!
 This is one of those things that look better on, but I fell in love with the lace detailing and at £12 from Primark you can't go wrong!
 Cute accessories, the bangle is an exact dupe of the gold and black one I got from forever 21 when I was in Cali... except this was £1.50 and the earrings too, again from Primark.
The first bag is from Topshop at £32 I originally had it in a lovely tan but the clasp to open and close it had broke :l so I took it back and they didn't have any more tan ones at the Topshop I went to so I got that one instead. Fingers crossed this one stays in one piece. 
The bow bag is adorable, I actually got two (one for my giveaway!) I think i'll be using it a lot during summer.
 I am in love with these moccasin shoes. I have been wanting a pair for a while now so when I saw these I just had to get them. They cost £10 from Primark and are also available in brown.
I'm in a bit of a dilemma actually... these are a size 6 and are just a too tight in the toe area (I convinced myself they would be okay), but the 7s were a little too big. I love them too much not to have a pair but it seems as though if I keep the 6 I will kill my feet and the 7 are just going to make me look like I have big feet? Plus I'd have to get insoles. I hate my feet. My second toe in particular, it causes all kinds of problems as it's longer than my big toe haha this makes shoe shopping hard. Anyone else have this problem? or am I the only one blessed with this special toe thing?
I am also in love with blouses right now, they are my favourite thing to wear at the moment. I managed to get my hands on this beaut at the Harrogate Primark for around £12. I really liked the Harrogate Primark, although I got there not long before closing... it was very quiet, really tidy and they had new changing rooms that seemed like they belonged somewhere expensive. Way better than the crappy ones I've come across at shops more expensive than Primark like Miss Selfridge where the curtains don't even close properly so people can clearly see you getting changed from the sides.
Lastly, I have been wanting to try these tights since I saw them on Lilly's blog post ages ago. I never really saw them at my local Primark in Leeds until now! They cost £3.00 and the lining is sooo soft and fleecy, I've only worn them once but I felt like they kept my legs warmer than the average tights do.

What are you loving right now?