Thursday, 30 April 2009


Soo I desperately needed a haircut which meant going to the city centre which also meant lots of shops and pretty clothes.

My style is pretty experiemental and fun! I like bright colours, quirky, weird & wonderful things..

I tried on some clothes in Topshop....
(WARNING: ignore the face, minimal make-up...litrally just some powder. Was in a huge rush.)

I loveddd the first dress however it was wayyy to short, like if I bend over I'll show off my butt too short! & The second one, I adore skulls escpecially ones with weird patterns so when I saw this I was like WOW but I didn't get it! trying to save money and all that!
Then for the fun of it I tried on this.. thought it was pretty crazy.

What I ended up buying was...

This Little Gem, the last one left, super cute...really nice soft material and has pockets. & It was in the sale as well!

Is everyone ready for summer?


  1. Ooh I love that last dress, the bow detail is lovely.

  2. i think i saw that 2nd top in our topshop here haha. the first dress looks lovely on you :D

  3. ahhh thanks guys!
    Kaz:I did love the first dress just too short :(


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