Saturday, 22 May 2010

Summer Ride

So this past week has been the summer that I thought wasn't going to come in England.
It actually feels like I'm on holiday somewhere, the day's have been beautiful and now of course I don't expect it to last for long but I've missed it... Everyone outside in their gardens, birds tweeting, dreaded green flies, the smell of bbq's, ice cream..everything.

For me sunshine brings out my bike, how I love cycling alongside the countryside views with the warm sun shining on me and the cool breeze you get as you go down a hill.
And then of course you have to stop by at a shop and get the legendary Ice pops..
The first time in years I had one of these! and of course you can't forget the home made ice lollies you make in those moulds. 
Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend.


  1. Monika! <3
    I've missed you! How are you??

    :) Lauren

  2. ICE POPS! I haven't had one in forever! I love the weather at the moment, it;s been perfect! xxx

  3. Hey Monika! OMG ICE POPS! i eat them all day because that's what they give the kids @ camp and i'm a counseler lol they're so good! check out my giveaway


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