Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Matte it up.

 I finnnnnnally got my hands on Avon's matte nail polishes...
From left there is Black as Night, Inky Blue, Grey Cement and my favourite....Violetta. The only one I didn't get was red velvet. I actually only wanted the black one but they all looked so pretty I couldn't help my self eep.
I got these on ebay for £2.75 each which is a good price to say they cost around £5.00 in the catalogue at the moment (normal price is £6).

Verdict? I have only worn the black and Inky Blue on all my nails they dried fairly quick however I found the polish started to chip within a day. Last night I painted my nails at about 10pm maybe later with Inky Blue and's only 3pm and all I have done is get ready and go to the gym they are pretty chipped.

I have read that these polishes last longer on false nails but in my experience they suck on real nails, I am quiet glad I didn't splash out £6.00 per nail polish... I wouldn't really recommend them to be honest.
It's a real shame.... I was really looking forward to having matte nails as it is a nice change. I'd definitely wear some of them with a top coat for instance Inky Blue and's such a pretty purple and I don't have one like it in shiny form. I'm not sure if using a base coat would have helped but just as they are, it has been an unfortunate fail for me!


  1. Im wearing Inky Blue atm and I love it. I put it on on Tuesday morning and its still going strong with no chips! Maybe I should work a bit harder lol!


  2. Lol! That is should see my nails right now...chip-fest. Did you use a base? xx

  3. I found the same, mine chipped really quickly with no base coat. Quite disappointing but I do like the matte effect

  4. I love the purple one!! :)


  5. I always consider buying matte polishes but I think I'd end up getting fed up with having to always wear a topcoat, or get fed up with not being able to have all my colours in matte, hence my love of matte topcoat! Lovely colours though. Never thought of a grey matte, looks surprisingly pretty :) The Violetta looks gorgeous with your skin tone xxx

  6. They're such lovely colours, shame they don't last that long..
    Lovely blog <3

  7. i loved the blue and purple one ,, <3


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