Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Got some things..

not so long ago, had a break from all the hideous uni work and decided to treat myself.
This bag was from Primark(£8.00)
Perfect for the summer with a nice dress and a beach would be nice too.

 Amazing Matalan ring, I love it. There was many of them that were the same but this one was special as (you can't really see in the picture that well) but it has a rainbow inside it, which you can see even more when the light hits it, so pretty!

 Then I got these tops from Primark, (£8.00 each) I now own my first mint coloured item of clothing! I thought the other two colours are nice for summer. There lightweight, you can layer if its colder which is what I have been doing recently although a tank top underneath is necessary for the lighter colours to avoid bra showage. Currently throwing them on with skinny jeans.

I saw these swallow tights (£2.00) whilst waiting in line to pay at Primark, thought they were too cute not to get...and talking about swallows I also got the dress below which I love, also from Primark.

And lastly some cute jewellery, one a long ropey type necklace (£2.50 I think) with floral ribbon intertwined into it and the other a little heart shaped floral necklace (£1.50)
I am loving, swallows, florals and bright colours right now! What are you loving?


  1. That ring is simply stunning, great buy!

  2. yay you blogged! everything you got is so cute! xo

  3. I adore that dress!!! Neeeed a trip to Primark soon tho my closest is over an hour away booo

  4. oo that dress is gorgeous on you!

  5. What a cute post! <3 I love everything you got, those tights are precious :)


  6. that ring is to dieeeeeeeeee for! xoxox Haleigh aka your new fan in Paris


  7. Love the ring, the colours are so pretty!

  8. Love that ring, can't believe it's from Matalan, I was expecting somewhere like topshop! Also love the swallow tights and dress, really cute :)

  9. When i'm full of uni work i also do a little shopping as therapy. I loved everything you bought! <3

  10. @Hell Notes- I agree, was love at first sight haha
    @Devea- Yay!! I did :D
    @Stephanie- Thank you!! I was a bit weary it looked a little too tight :l
    @Summer- Thank you lovely!
    @Haleigh- Thank you! I loveeee yours.
    @Sophie- I agree, I have seen many rock rings but not with the colours.. so unique!
    @Sadie I know and it was in the sale! Thank you!
    @Yona- Thank you, makes you feel better right?

    Thanks all for your sweet comments! xx

  11. I really love that bag - Primark actually make some really good summer bags!

  12. lovely things, love the blue dress!!! Great post, new post btw hope U check it out :)

    xo Emma


  13. The ring is amazing!!!! So pretty!

  14. that bag is so perfect for summer and I love the swallow print stuff too. I haven't been to Primark for ages so I really need to pay a visit and grab some of those simple tops too, they're great

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  15. That ring is lovely; it looks like cut ice. Love that dress, too - looks perfect! x

  16. YESH. You got the swallow print dress from Primark, proper suits you! When I tried it on I looked like an oompa loompa :( The Matalan ring is beautiful! Need to head down there and get me some! xo


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