Sunday, 16 October 2011

Missha BB cream for darker Skin! No.31 Golden Beige.

BB creams (Blemish Balm) seem to be everywhere right now but from my personal experience it's hard to find one for darker skin tones which is a real shame although BB cream originally started off for Asian skin tones.
For those who may not know what BB creams are, in a nutshell it works like a tinted moisturiser (or some have enough pigment to use as a foundation) that is supposed to be wondrous in different areas. They tend to have an SPF, anti-wrinkle agents, healing and skin lightening properties and help create an even flawless finish.
Sometime last year I discovered Missha had a new, darker shade out. Although it's slightly harder to find and is more expensive compared to the rest that are easily available. This seems to be the only darker shade available from Missha too.
Missha is a popular brand for BB creams in Asia, I bought mine from ebay, I think I paid around £20 something pounds at the time. I really wanted to try these much talked about wonder creams so I splashed out.
The one I purchased was 'Perfect Cover B.B Cream' 50ml, No.31 Golden Beige, with SPF 42 PA+++ (The PA part is pretty much a grading system of UVA protection which provides superior defence against rays that can cause collagen damage and photo ageing of the skin.) 
                                     I have tried my best to capture the true colours of the swatches. 
To me once it's blended in it has more of a red undertone which you can't see in the pictures so much. I also really love the scent it's fresh and light.
My Thoughts?
I really like what BB creams are about and this one I found was easy to blend, loved the smell and it also had light/medium coverage. However it didn't match my skin tone as much as I hoped it would, I need something with more yellow undertones and this was quiet the opposite however I can still make it work by putting my Mac powder over it.
Has anyone else tried this brand? 


  1. hmm I don't think this is going to match my skintone but I was so excited when I saw this post as I have been lusting over BB creams for ages. I want the try the Illamasqua skin base foundation or something like that because I heard that it had a similar concept.

  2. I need BB cream in my life! xx


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