Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Nail Polish from Marks & Spencer's New Limited Collection Beauty range.

So I know M&S isn't the first place younger people think of to go for clothes or beauty products, I know many don't go at all but over the years they have definitely started to improve their range of products bringing in more to attract a younger crowd. I can honestly say they do sell some really nice things now which I probably wouldn't have found in the past.
Recently they have improved their beauty section by adding a lot of branded products such as Nuxe, Fllorga and many more.
They also now have a new beauty range branded the Limited Collection which seems like a more chic and younger generation targeted range just like the Limited Collection clothing they sell.
They have a great range of products and colours especially for lipsticks and the other thing that caught my focus.... their nail polish range, SO many pretty colours
I got a little carried away...just a tiny bit....
marks and spencer M&S limited collection nail polish
The normal price is just a fraction of the well known £3.50 a bottle but they have a introductory 25% off the entire range so at £2.63 I thought it's the perfect time to grab the colours I want. I got 6 of the 24 shades they sell.
marks and spencer M&S limited collection nail polish
These three are my favourites at the moment! I tried to steer away from the usual colours I get and these are what I came out the store with.
My thoughts so far...
I have only properly used one of them so far and I've not had any problems, I tried the lavender polish which is in the middle above and it took me two coats to get a good even and opaque finish, I could have gotten away with one but I wanted a really solid colour so two worked a charm. The consistency is great, I had no problems with application. I have had it on for about four days and there's barley any chip's in sight but then again that could also be because of my Sally Hansen topcoat. I work in an environment which tends to ruin my freshly polished nails within an hour but I managed to go a whole day without chipping it so that is success to me!
I also did swatch each colour on my toes and most of them have good colour pay off with one coat but are better with two, also the swatches on my toes I did last week sometime and no chip in sight (but I guess it takes a lot more for polish to chip on toes right?).
Overall I am very pleased with them especially considering the price. I'll be doing more blog posts about the different colours soon including swatches.
Will you be trying this range?


  1. These look so cute! And the price point is brilliant! I really like the grey colour! =) x

  2. I really like these colors!


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