Sunday, 4 November 2012

This is why you shouldn't keep old or expired make up...

mac, make up, old, expired, mould
...Because bacteria starts growing in it and it turns pretty nasty as you can see the white mould type  produce in my MAC concealer tube. I should have thrown it away a while ago but because I had so much product left I didn't but I have learned my lesson! I can only imagine the kind of infections and skin break outs it could cause!


  1. That's so gross, I've never seen this happen to make up... You must have had it a long time!? I shall always get rid of old make up now, haha x

  2. Oh my, that is so gross! Luckily you didn't use it on your face!

  3. I went through all my make-up recently and found a few products I forgot about like this. I know it had to be done but it still made me sad lol:(

    Sara xx


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