Thursday, 17 December 2009

Lush Raffle Prize!!

I absolutely adore Lush, just the smell makes me happy never mind actually using the products.
Soooo I was a lucky lush runner up in the raffles they've been having and I finally received my eagerly awaited prize, now I was only expecting sample sized products, not much at all really but the lovely lush actually sent me.....

This little box of love...

Honey I shrunk the kids (sample size)

 Snowshowers Shower Jelly

And Lastly Dream Cream 100g

I got these In a cute little box with a note congratulating me and talking about the products and these are apparently the most popular and the best selling products!
Much more than I expected to receive, another reason I love Lush...generous! I've only used dream cream so far, but snowshower smells absoutley incredible and I've heard a lot of people going on about how fantastic Honey I shrunk the kids Soap is!

Has anyone tried them? what do you think?


  1. Lush are so good for doing all their raffles but what a great prize! I am quite new to Lush but honey I washed the kids is my fave soap by far! I've never tried a jely before so will be interested to see what you think =) xx

  2. They sure are and they did soo many, lovely Christmas treat for their customers.
    I'll have to try it out tomorrow, I'm looking forward to it!
    I've used a Jelly before and to be honest it can be a nightmare, mine kept slipping out my hands but it's been a while and I've been given some tips so I'll see :D plus there so fun to play with, when I go to lush I always have to make them wobble haha

  3. Congratulations!

    I haven't tried Lush products yet. How did you like them? I've only heard good things!

  4. P. S. I started following you! :)

  5. Thank you, I definaltey recommend them... you musttt get yourself to lush and try some out!
    I'll be doing a review on them tonight :D


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