Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Shopping shopping shopping lush.

Finally I had a chance to go shopping today so I hit the shops early this morning to avoid the rush. I spent huge amounts in lush….I need to stay away from that delicious place for a while now although I was looking forward to buying some of the new lush goodies that they will be selling in the New Year. The SA gave me some idea on what new thing's they will have!

So I mainly bought 3 bags full of lush which I will haul about when I get a chance and some dresses and hair products. I couldn't really shop after I had been to lush as the bags were so heavy they were giving me shoulder aches, my lovely friend even carried one for me.

How was everyone’s Christmas? Hope you all had a fantastic one…I’m trying to sort out the plans for new years eve at the moment, no idea what I’m going to wear.

Oh how I love Forrero Rocher's, my dad got me this huge tray to enjoy...

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