Monday, 8 March 2010

Just my luck! RIP MAC Dare =(!!!

It's gone! My new lipstick, my 3rd addition to the Mac family of lipsticks, the lipstick I blogged about a couple of days ago, the lipstick I had used twice....GONE!! =(
This catastrophe happened at some point today, either when I was running for the train, or on the train.

If anyone has seen this lipstickplease return it to mommy! haha

Anyways how saddening, I seem to be prone to loosing things, last time it was my new mobile and tweezers seem to be another thing prone to being lost by me I really need to get a grip.
Anyway other than that my day has been good, my only purchases was mini rolls mmm how was your day?


  1. i always seem to lose my tweezers as well :( its so irritating!
    i hope your lipstick turns up, monika

    lauren xx

    ps. i cannot wait to see your "what in your purse" post haha :)

  2. Awww ! :( I hate when things like that happen i'm so sorry! That would totally have ruined my day... prehaps even my week :/

  3. Awwwh dam! :( that sucks. Hopefully the package that comes soon, cheers you up! :) So excited to receive mine :D xxx

  4. awww not good to lose a fav product :(

  5. I hate losing things but I usually lose things like my glasses! I hope it's just misplaced and turns up.

  6. As soon as you stop looking for it, you'll find it! That always works for me :)

    Okay remember how I told you I didn't get updates on your page, I think I fixed it finally!!! But before I go to bed i am going to catch up on all your posts that I have missed!!

  7. @ Everyone...It didn't turn up guys! I knew it wouldn't...ah well I'll have to be more carefull not and invest in a little make up bag for my actual bag.


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