Thursday, 18 March 2010

Thank you + Review + Mini Haul

Gosh I didn't even realise I've got to 67 followers, that was a lovely surprise as I know I've been MIA thanks to university and work taking its toll. I want to say thank you to all my followers ^_^ I've been finding it hard to blog as much but I'm trying my best to do more posts.

So first of all the review, Lush Dorothy Bubble bar. £2.80
So initially I bought this product just on the cuteness factor, not really a good thing to base a purchase on but out of all Lush products its the bubble bar's that I love using. The scent I thought was okay, it's supposed to be like the figs and leaves soap however myself and the sales assistant thought Dorothy somehow had a nicer smell. 
I unfortunately didn't get to take bath pictures but I used about a quarter of it and I got mostly the blue part, It turned my bath a gorgeous shade of blue and I actually thought it smelled quiet nice in the end as well!
Also when I start getting some of the rainbow into my bath I'll be getting different shades of blue I assume which I think will be really nice especially soon as I won't know what colour to expect!

Overall rating  B-
It's nice but nothing amazing.

Mini Haulage:

I got this lovely bracelet for £2.50 - Primark

This gorgeous idea what to call it though cardigan? - £8.00

When I first saw it there was some in navy and I think black maybe and I said to my friend I loveeee it but I want it in cream, walked around the corner and there we are!! beaut.

Then I popped into M&S where they had a sale on but it's not really been advertised. A lot of younger people don't really shop at M&S maybe classing it as somewhere for older people, I did this when I was younger 'the granny shop' haha but believe it or not they do sometimes have really nice things.
I got:
Earrings from £5.00 down to £2.00

Some tights, half price from £8.00 to £4.00..Bargains!

I also got some underwear, really good sale prices but I won't be sharing what I got!

Who's been shopping lately? It's for once a lovely day outside so I'm going to hit the shops before I go to uni.


  1. Ooh that Primark bracelet is beautiful! They've had some lovely things lately! xo

  2. lovely haul and review. i especially like the primark bracelet! i just did a haul on my on blog..

    check it out if you get a chance :)


  3. OO.. those tights look really nice
    like a sort of velvet ill have to look out for them!

    im a new follower by the way :) x

  4. @ Jennie, I agree! I always seem to go in when there's not much I like but that day I was in luck, I loveeee the cardigan thing.

    @ Marti, Thank you! I will check it out.

    @ Lou, M&s tights are great! Thank you for following me =)

  5. i love the cardigan thing!,X


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