Thursday, 21 October 2010

Nail Polish loving.. Barry M Instant Nail Effects Review.

 I've been shopping an incredible amount recently whenever I can wherever I can, I really need to stop! Anyway I ended up buying some nail polishes. I got Barry M Instant Nail Effects  (311) after hearing a lot about it and 'Bright purple' (303) Superdrug have an offer of 2 for £5.00 at the moment too.

I decided to try out the Instant Effects polish with 'Shocking Pink' (272)
 And Below are the results!
The instructions were to apply a base coat and then the instant nail effects polish without overlapping. 
I overlapped, not sure why you can't as you can see it worked just fine, although I think the nails to the right have chunkier black bits due to my intense overlapping but I personally liked the results. I also applied a OPI top coat to give it a glossier look. 
I'm looking forward to trying it out with different base colours too, will probably upload pictures. 

I don't know why but my nails remind me of the much wanted gorgeous Mulberry Alexa Bag in Pink leopard print. :( makes me want one but in brown.



  1. Thats soo cool! And thats a pretty bag..similar to the one mulberry came out with at target.

  2. wowww Mon i actually didn't think this would off to superdrug now!!1 yaaay xx

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments! :) I wish I could do my nails like that, I'm totally and utterly useless! :/ xx

  4. The Mulberry bag is amaze, I bought one off ebay which is the absolute spit but just in brown for either £15 or 25, I just searched leopard satchel, absolute bargin!


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