Sunday, 3 October 2010

New Things.

Ahhh followers of mine I apologise for my disappearance, I spent my summer in California with my wonderful boyfriend who I don't get to see much so I wasn't really motivated to blog. Plus I left my DSLR at home. :(
But I'm back now... with goodies to share!

So first of all I got this gorgeous flask necklace, I love turquoise and old school vintage looking jewellery. When I saw the necklace I had to have it! However it turns's actually a coke flask, my boyfriend was convinced the lid comes off so I tried to get it off and alas there was a little powder spatula.
Price: $5.00 at a flea market.

 I also got an adorable ring for $1.00 but I've misplaced it. Boo.

Love these, I got them for my Birthday from Republic, they have a lot of jewellery in at the moment.
Price: Around £5.00 I think!
These adorable earrings were from Pac Sun, the missing ones are cream coloured. I have them on at the moment! 
Price $6.00
 I forgot what this bracelet is called, apprently the beads have a name. But I love the uniqueness of it, quiet strange too. I got this from a random stall on July the 4th.
Price: $3.00 

I also bought so many summery dresses but their waiting for me in California right now. They won't be much use here in England at the moment. I think my favourite buy was the flask necklace, and now it has a story behind it too. Anyone else bought something that's surprised you?


  1. I LOVE all the jewelery that you got!

  2. I hope you had an amazing time! You got some wonderful stuff, welcome back!

  3. I love california adventures. haha. Adorable rose earrings and i like the heart one too! :D

  4. omgosh i love all the jewelry! ah i needa get me some pacsun earrings ;). wow & the turquoise vintage necklace is beaautiful! aw nice you were in CA! the weather has been strange here lately tho. newhoo, love your blog girly, am now following <3.

  5. @ Chick Geek, Thank youuu! I need to actually wear it all more though.

    @Obsessed Makeup Addict. thank you my lovely! I really did have an amazing time :D ahhh you make me glad to be back!

    @ Miss Nikka California is amazing, place to be! (atleast for me)

    @Kathleen Carla. Thank you so much! =) yeah when I was over people were saying it's normally hotter. It was perfect to me though!

  6. I LOVE the heart-shaped earrings <3


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