Sunday, 24 April 2011

Review update: Shellac nails... again!

So, I am guessing you have read my last review post about Shellac nails here and how I loved them so. I have been soso busy with uni work recently that I left the shellac on for way longer than the recommended time which was 14 days. I had them on for atleast a month which I know is bad and although it didn't budge from my nails it had grown out and did eventually start to fade and crack (but STILL stayed on, even after my attempt to remove it with nail polish remover) I was impressed how long they lasted flawlessly which was way over 14 days.

Anyway I managed to finally get them re-done and for free!

How? you may wonder....well I was invited by my lovely friend to go to the Leeds White Rose centre 'Ultimate girls night in' hosted by radio aire. This was a special ticket only event where there was tons of discounts, free stuff and live music such as Wonderland and The Hoosiers.

Mint Nail & Beauty bar were the most generous offering a choice of either a free shellac manicure, pedicure or eyebrow tidies. We ended up waiting eagerly in line to get them done and pretty much spent most our time there which kinda sucked in a way as we didn't get to see what else was going on in other shops but then again we did get a free £24 manicure so we can't complain!

Finally after what felt like forever it was our turn and when I told the nail technician I already had shellac on so she was weary if she could do my nails and went to go ask someone. I was going to die a little inside as we waited for SO long and I was looking forward to getting them done but thankfully they kindly did it. They normally charge £4 for shellac removal where your nails are soaked in acetone but they did it for free.

Upon removal of shellac I noticed yellowing on my nails where the polish once was, now I'm not sure if this is caused by me leaving it on too long or if it's just a general result of the polish but it wasn't a pretty look at all but as I was getting them re-done I didn't care so much as no one would see it.

Unlike the last nail salon I went to they had more of a range of colours to choose from, still not a huge range but they had a nice amount. I was debating a dark purple or a hot pink. I ended up choosing the hot pink called 'Tutti fruitti' which isn't your average hot pink, it's such a gorgeous one and has a purple shimmer to it when the light hit them. I tried to capture it in the pictures but it was difficult, I guess you have to see it for yourself!

These pictures do not do the colour justice, it such a vibrant darker barbie pink.

The sun was shining on my nails here but you can see just how glossy they are in this picture!
It is honestly a colour that to me is so much nicer in person than any picture I could take. Today I had a couple of people ask if my nails were fake, not sure if it was the length which I personally didn't think was long at all (shellac makes my nails grow longer!) or the glossiness of the polish, I personally don't like fake looking nails. I guess I will see how round two of shellac nails turns out for me!

Lastly for those who celebrate it I hope you had a good Easter Sunday, for those who don't I hope you have had a good Sunday in this gorgeous weather. I have defo been eating way too much chocolate, have some of my kinder bunny to nibble on, it's amazing. Just a bigger Easter version of a kinder suprise egg. Yum!


  1. Happy Easter - i've had far too much chocolate today!
    I really want to try Shellac, I love the idea of it lasting a long time :) x

  2. Thank you Caz! Ditto I need to stop with the chocolate now, so bad.
    You should defo try it, you won't have to constantly re-paint your nails for a while! xx

  3. Hey, so I tried Shellac but I had a french manicure done and on day 14 the clear turned to a weird BROWN!!!
    I'm guessing that didn't happen with the colored choice so I will most definitly try the tutti frutti next time!

    Thanks :)

  4. @Lisa Gosh brown!? How weird...I was debating getting a french manicure, I'm glad I didn't now! Yeah I didn't have any problems with the coloured ones, defo try it! xx

  5. Love the nail colour, and the choccy :)

  6. oo I love that colour, I think I want to try Shellac nails!

  7. Such a gorgeous colour! :) Loving the nails!

    Enter my giveaway at <3

  8. gorgeous nail polish!!! love the color :)
    great post and blog!


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