Saturday, 12 March 2011

Shellac Nails Review

I have had Shellac on my nails for two weeks today and have done all kinds of things where a normal manicure would have chipped...from washing dishes, taping things, opening packages..they have stayed perfectly on my nails. Minus the dreadful nail technician doing an awful job and having to scrub my nails (really harshly) with acetone to take it all off and have someone else do it. (I would not recommend 'Miss Nails' in Kirkgate shopping centre-Bradford *shakes fist*) 
Picture taken from google.
I have really liked having Shellac on my nails, it definitely is a long lasting manicure with a lovely glossy shine. I can also say it has helped my nails grow and stay strong, my nails are prone to breaking and chipping but for the past two weeks I have had none of it. Only problem I have is that many salons seem to have a limited range of colours but I guess this could be passed off to fact that it fairly new, maybe. It cost £15 which is the cheapest I have seen it so far, if anyone knows of any good places in Leeds please let me know!

For those who are wondering what Shellac is, it is basically a range of UV hybrid (half polish, half gel) polishes created by CND which involves a UV base coat, the colour you want and then a top coat which are all set by a UV light. It is advertised to last flawlessly for 14 days. So no chips, smudges or any of that annoyingness and is removed in 10 minutes.
I would without a doubt recommend this, especially if you are sick of having to re paint nails often. I love it and will be getting Shellac again!  Has anyone else tried this?


  1. omg!! i wanna try this, tho never at that place! lol they once filed my nail to the skin, i refused to pay and walked out! lmao it really hasnt changed then!!!!

  2. I keep hearing people raving on about Shellac nails. Your nails look fabulous! And super glossy.

    I so want to try this! xox

  3. hahah i definitely have every one of those "bad" nail issues right now!:(

  4. @Amina haha I wish I walked out!

    @Halima, honestly I love them! you should defo try!

    @Kaleido mind, haha mine are allways having issues :l but shellac has really helped them grow and be strong!



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