Friday, 15 July 2011

Graduation Day Outfit + Pictures

Finally did it! I can't believe university is over. I got a 2:1 which I am super pleased about.My graduation ceremony was at Leeds University on Wednesday 13th, it was a great day...hectic but great. I absolutely love Leeds uni and it's old buildings and all the trees and it's massive!
The weather was perfect for the occasion too, thankfully there was no rain and it was pretty warm.
 Haha, okay I know we look silly but as the graduation caps/hats whatever you want to call them were ban (wasn't pleased about this at all!) due to some ridiculous health and safety reason all we could do was put our hoods up. I must admit I felt like being in a Harry Potter movie.
One of the things most girls are worried about is going up on stage and falling, especially in heels. I managed to make it up there and back down just fine. I did slip in Pizza Hut on some kinda salad that was on the floor, but I managed to grab something so I didn't fall on the floor. Oh the embarrassment, there was a table full of people who witnessed it all. I should sue.
And this is what I wore...
I seriously need to get back into going to the gym ugh. I had issues trying to find an outfit and ended up choosing this dress which is from Dorothy Perkins, I really wanted to wear a dress and something with colour. The shoes I got a long time ago from some shop in Leeds, the only comfy pair of heels I own!
Well end of an era, now I have the joys of looking for a Job or possibly continuing with another course.
Congratulations to whoever else has graduated this summer!


  1. You look lovely! Love your dress!! xx

  2. Thank you Sriya! It was such a comfy dress xx

  3. The dress is gorgeous! I love myself a bit of colour and wore a peach dress to my sisters graduation today :) Can't wait for mine!

  4. Congrats hun :) You look stunning, such a lovely outfit & pretty colour dress

  5. Love your dress, it looking stunning on you!

  6. You look really cute! CONGRATS! xo

  7. congratulations!! i graduated this passed may! :)

  8. Congratulations lovely! A 2:1 is fab & you looked amazing x


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