Thursday, 21 July 2011

What's in my July Glossybox?

So this was the deciding Glossybox for me, as to whether I should keep it or not after the slightly disappointing one in June. I have mixed feelings about this it, in ways it's much much better and I am excited to use some of the products I got. 
This was the 'Ready, steady, glow' box
 First of a full sized Ciate Nail polish (13.5ml) RRP £9.00 in  Beach Melba. I was pleased with this as I have been wanting to try polishes by this brand and have heard they are good. I have also been wanting a nude polish so this was fab although I see some people who have received a gorgeous blue! (I'm a sucker for blue :/) and so far I have seen people with polishes in red, yellow and orange as alternatives. 

Next Weleda Pomegranate regenerating body oil (100ml) RRP £19.95. I have never heard of this brand before but they seem to have a huge range of products. This oil is supposed to renew and firm, is free from preservatives, synthetic fragrances, colours, raw materials and they don't test on animals! Again looking forward to using this.

 Next we have a 30ml Sample of Xen-tan. Kinda blah about this, although it's a very well known brand....I don't use or need a tanning product. I have a all year tan haha so this product is useless to me! (Btw if anyone who also got a glossybox wants to swap this product, pref for the SPF face cream or something else...let me know!)
Next is the well known Illamasqua, I got a full sized (1.3g) 'Pure pigment' in Conquer RRP £15.50 which is a lovely forest green (I apologise for the rubbish picture, it's greener in real life!). I think I might have a similar colour to this already by a different brand but I'm still super pleased they put this in the box! Other people got lipgloss and powdered metal powder.
Lastly my biggest disappointment. Two Etat libre d'orange perfume samples in 'Archives 69' and 'Like this'. I already have perfumes I love so I'm not really looking for a new one right now. I would have much preferred a different product this like the face oil or spf cream rather than two little perfume samples, just seems a bit of a crappy sample compared to what other people got that replaced these. Others got Nouveau lashes/face oil or a SPF face cream (which I really wish I got, I have been meaning to get a SPF face cream anyway so it would have been perfect!)

I also kind of don't like the big variation in products, only because I always end up seeing other peoples boxes with products I would have loved to have instead of what I got haha!
Overall not a bad box, some good stuff some not so good but definitely better than June's box! Hopefully they will keep it up!
I think August will be my last box, I have also signed up for Boudoir Prive, fingers crossed it's good.
What did you get in yours? or is anyone thinking of joining team glossybox, or even leaving?


  1. I'm definitely pleased with my box - it's such a hit and miss thing, though - you could end up with products you hate one month and that you love the next, there's just no way to know!
    Sorry you were a bit disappointed with some of your stuff, though! I tried the SPF cream out today and it's really not all that, so you didn't miss out on too much!

  2. I think you got some lovely things! Especially that Illamasqua pigment, it's absolutely amazing :) <3

    The Dollhouse Diary

  3. toTally agree about the different products thing... i signed up for boudoir prive ages ago but didn't qualify for the august box, a little confused how to actually get the box! love the colour of your polish... you're the first person i've seen with this box!


  4. lovely post! super cute stuff you got there! :) would love it if you checked out my blog-

    Meena xxxxx


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