Monday, 15 August 2011

Boudoir Prive - First Box - August Les Indispensables

I really wasn't expecting anything in the post for me today and so this was a nice surprise.
I initially wanted to just rip it open and get into the box like a small child opening Christmas present but I slowed down and took some picture of the process! 
So Boudoir Prive consists of 5 samples for £10 each month same as Glossybox however for Glossybox this changes in September as their adding postage costs to the £10
I think comparing this box to Glossybox is going to be inevitable but lets get on with it...

The packaging is lovely, the outer cardboard box is plain compared the glossybox one but who cares? The simplicity is nice and the ribbon and little sticker are pretty. The little note was a really nice personalised touch as well. (I also wish my handwriting was as nice as that!) Inside the note there was also a little booklet with details of all the things inside the box and how to use them along with some half off coupons to give to friends who are not signed up.
Les Indispensables - noun, Fr: Things that are absolutely necessary, essential.
So what's inside I hear you say? Let's have a look...
 Archives 69 and Rien 1.5ml perfume samples. I got Archives 69 from Glossybox not long ago along with a different scent and wasn't really a fan.
 Sachajuan Conditioner 100ml (worth £10)- This a conditioner from a Swedish brand and has 'Ocean silk technology' that suits all hair types and helps detangle hair
 Jane Iredale- Pure Lash Extender and Conditioner sample, not sure what size it is but the 89ml version normally costs £13.00. This product is supposed to encourage the growth of eyelashes and facilitate mascara application. This has to be my favourite sample of them all.
Bloom Green tea treatment and White tea treatment. The green tea  is to help you De-Stress and the white tea treatment is stomach cleansing and helps digest your midday meal. I'm a fan of herbal tea so I will enjoy trying these.

 Olavie (with therapy specialists)- Antioxidant Body Butter Again not sure how many ml this is but the full size 240ml costs £43.55
 Barbor- HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream sample. Full size normally costs a whopping £82.00 for 50ml. This cream is to prevent wrinkles and is full of active ingredients.
Overall the mixture of samples is nice and its all wonderfully packaged however I'm personally disappointed by this box. The samples seem as though their targeted towards a more older audience. Despite this however a couple of things did stand out for me and so I'm looking forward to drinking the teas and trying the the lash conditioner. The tea seems a bit random but their good for you and I like that there's products for the inside as well as out!
The £10 can easily be justified to say the conditioner is worth £10 itself however I think I will be cancelling my subscription (although knowing my luck next months box will be amazing) just because the products don't really suit me  and many I'm not really interested in (i.e wrinkle cream).
Glossybox fits my needs better however I believe that these beauty boxes although they wont fit every single persons needs and preferences some kind of system should be implemented, like a beauty profile to take into consideration stuff like skin tone/type as well as samples people would prefer as I know many would prefer make up over say perfume samples. I think making it more personalised will be more successful with people as they will less likely to be as many disappointments.   
Who else got this box? What do you ladies think about the contents- Yay or nay?


  1. I agree with your opinion 100%.

    Although the idea of Boudoir Prive is great, in my opinion Glossybox is more my kinda thing.

  2. Omg I wished I didnt stumble across your blog because now I have to spend more money on another box like this! lol. Yeah Ciate nail polishes is amazing right? I found my new best friend for my nails :) hehe new follower btw :)

  3. I received the september beauty box and I love it! I would love more makeup products in there though :D


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