Friday, 19 August 2011

A look at Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint :Update.

I have been a big fan of Liz Earle products ever since I bought the Cleanse, Polish and Moisturise products so when the absolutely lovely PR team sent me this product to try out I must admit I was excited to do so as I'm a big fan of skin tints. I was impressed with the customer service in store which I spoke about here but even online everyone is so lovely and helpful, it makes me love Liz Earle even more!
The packaging is classic and easy to use, you can control how much comes out the tub as it's a squeezable bottle.
This Skin tint will be the first product of their new make-up range called 'Liz Earle Colour' which they have finally decided to launch (yay!) and this specific product will hit the shelves on September 15th at the cost of £21 for 40ml.
It has been described as something that suits all skin types and is like a foundation but is still lightweight. It has mineral UV protection SP15 but is also packed with natural vitamin E, avocado and borage so it's still has all the good stuff Liz Earle products tend to have making it a more unique skin tint.
It leaves a dewy, even and radiant finish and comes in 3 shades which are Bare, Beige and Beach. I got beach which is the darkest one and if it helps anyone I'm a mac NC44.
And finally below is how it looks blended in....
My thought's...
The consistency is creamy and I used my fingers to put it on (as instructed) and it blended into my skin very well and easily.
I have been using it  for a while now and I personally love it, the cover is very sheer. I didn't expect it to cover up scars and my dark under eye circles but it left me with a gorgeous dewy and light finish. I think this is perfect for good skin days, hot days and also if you don't tend to use heavy coverage like myself. I have been after a product with some SPF in it as well so that added bonus is perfect. I felt as though it gave my skin a lovely glow and would more than certainly repurchase it.
The only downside to me is the lack of different shades, more of a range would be nice as there's not really a shade for people with darker skin.
Update: I have been given some fabulous news that there will be more of a range of shades in the future so more people can enjoy this product!

Also as many of you may know, Liz Earle are eco-friendly and have numerous projects in aid of being green and one of them is providing customers who order this Sheer Skin Tint by mail 3 samples of each of the colours. The reason behind this is to allow you to choose which is the best shade for you rather than trying a full sized product and then realising it's not right for you. They want to avoid unnecessary landfill of good and unused products and I think this is a fantastic way of doing so!
You can sign up here to get a notification of when it's on sale.
Is anyone else planning on trying this skin tint?


  1. Wow I had no idea Liz Earle were launching makeup, I really like the sound of this, brilliant review :-) x x

  2. I think i'll wait until this comes in store and swatch the shades i'm roughly an nc35 when my flash doesnt bleach me out haha! sounds promising though :) x

  3. Phoebe: Yep exciting isn't it? Thank you lady.

    Adrienne: I hope you like, I've been wearing this all the time latley!



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