Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Babyliss Pro Rebel Conical Wand Review

I tend to become so lazy with my hair, most the time I just leave it air dried which has started to become boring. I bought the Babyliss Pro Rebel Conical wand years ago back with Laura aka lollipop26 aka Buy now blog later (who I'm sure most of you have heard of) was making you tube videos.
But I barley ever used it to be honest, I was put off as I thought it would take forever to curl all of my hair like wands I have used in the past. I'm not the biggest fan of using heat on my hair, but as I'm getting so bored of my same old hair this wand is seeing light of the day much more.
 A simple on and off switch and also a red and green light to indicate when it's off and on. Whilst it's heating up the two lights will flash alternately until it's ready at your desired temperature.

 -I got the 32-19mm barrel for around £21 on ebay but it's also available on amazon and you can get smaller barrels too.
-It has 25 heat settings and it also came with a heat proof mat which wraps round the wand when it's not in use and a three finger glove (I lost mine...oops.)
-The tip of the wand does not heat up so if you need to, you can use it to help with the curling.
 All you do is take a section of your hair wrap, wait, release and there you go! 

 This is pre conical wand useage (a day after washing it, thick and frizzy!):
Please ignore the quality of these pictures! I had to use my webcam.
Seriously if anyone knows how to battle frizz let me know, bane of my life. My hair is even frizzier the day I wash it but then calms down over the day's.

And this is after using the conical wand:
I'm not orange in real life...honest!
 How I used it...
I used the highest setting and varied the size of the section I curled each time but I mainly used slightly bigger sections. I also didn't hold the wand in my hair very long..(4/5 seconds I think) I used it so the ends of my hair went around the finest part of the barrel and the wider part of the barrel wrapped the top of my hair.
Obviously the size of the sections and the time you hold the wand in your hair will vary the curl/waves. I prefer the casual wave to wear everyday but would consider using smaller sections when I want a more defined look.
My thoughts...
-The glove I found annoying to use, I'd prefer a full hand glove or nothing at all but either way you have to be careful not to burn yourself as this can be easily done.
-I like that there's 25 heat settings I need a higher heat to battle with the thickness of my hair, I used the highest setting
-I love that it's tapered from 32-19mm making it a more versatile wand allowing you to create waves/curls of different tightness. For instance you could use the pointed end to create tight curls.
-Because I used the highest setting I didn't keep my hair wrapped around the wand for as long meaking it much quicker.
- It's quick and easy to use as there's no clamp which also means no kinks!

Overall I'm pleased with this wand will be using it more often, although I have been lusting after some heated rollers just for the simple fact that I can put them in my hair and do my make up whilst they do their thing!
What rollers would you recommend?....Have you tried this conical wand?


  1. i have this wand and i love it :) your hair looks lovely in those waves! i agree the three fingered glove is too annoying haha i never use mine! xx

  2. your hair looks lovely! such a nice and natural wave :)

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment! Your hair looks great =) Love clampless curling irons they make life so much easier!

  4. I have this and its amazing to create mermaid waves with xx


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