Thursday, 23 February 2012

Liz Earle Shampoo, treatment and conditioner.

I tend to wash my hair once to twice a week as I feel that's enough for my hair. I have accumulated alot of shampoos that I need to use up so I have not used these products long enough to give a full review but so far I am really enjoying them.
My hair at the moment is er...boob length and super thick and unfortunately frizzy, I don't use a lot of heat but I think thick hair is prone to frizz and split ends? sigh.
I have the Botanical shine shampoo for all hair types RRP £8.00 200ml
This contains natural Vitamin E, aloe vera, shea butter and apple and orange extracts.

Botanical Shine conditioner for dry or damaged hair RRP £8.00 200ml
This contains shea butter, blue seakale, Kenyan yangu oil, apple and orange extracts

Lastly Liz Earle have recently added a Botanical Shine treatment to their collection which is aimed at frozzy, coarse or very dry basically it's made for me.£14.00 150ml
Liz Earle's Shine treatment...a nice thick consistency.
My thoughts...
The tubes are not the biggest and having thick and long hair I need to use a little more product but having said that it states on the shampoo that 'a little go's a long way...if needed add more water for more lather' therefore it will last longer than I first assumed. 

The shampoo left my hair feeling squeaky clean which makes me feel like it's really cleansed my hair of all the dirt and oils.
The combination of the three products left me with hair that felt soft and upon drying it did feel more smoother than usual but not totally frizz free which I expected and it was shiny.

All three products have a orangey smell which I personally love, it's very refreshing and especially nice in the morning and lingers for a while after using them.

I feel like I could get away with using the treatment as a conditioner soon as I don't wash my hair too frequently as it's very conditioning. I'm a fan of these as they don't contain a ton of nasty chemicals like a lot of products do... no silicones either!

If you want to try the conditioner and shampoo they are actually currently on buyapowa here and if enough people join in you can get the pair for £11.... bargain!


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  2. Great review<3

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  3. Good review <3
    I have been using Loreal Professional shampoos for years now. Love it. Do try that too


    1. Ahhh not heard much about them but will have a look!
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