Saturday, 17 March 2012

February Carmine box : What's inside?

This is so late, I feel like I have barley been on the internet lately. I'm sure most of you know what's inside this box by now but I'm going to share what's inside mine anyway! This is actually my first Carmine box, I have not subscribed as you can get one off boxes. I know they originally had Steam Cream in the Feb one but a ton of people subscribed to get it so they had to make an alternate one.
The box itself is rather beasty! As in very sturdy and well made, more so than Glossybox and Boudoir Prive. It can be annoying to get the lid off though as it go's all the way down but no biggie.
I got:
-Andrea Fulerton Nail Varnish in Eliza // What a gorgeous colour, a turquoise with blue and purple sparkle which you see when it catches the light. It's full sized too!
- Japonesque Smudger Brush // It's a small brush but I'm pleased with this as it will definitely be handy and perfect to travel with.
-Blingtone eyeshadow in ''Crystalline Green'' by Myface Cosmetics // Well it's definitely blingy! A pigmented green packed with glitter. Nice sturdy packaging and it's full sized. I'm not really a big fan of glittery shadow especially those heavily packed with glitter so I can't see myself using this much.
-White Glo Professional choice whitening toothpaste // I love this, I know it's only toothpaste but I just like trying new and different teeth whitening products so far nothing has compared to products I have used in the USA. I'm currently using this so we'll see how it go's!
-Yardley Peony Fragrance Sample // Meh, perfume samples never excite me to be honest.
-Diego Dalla Palma 'The Lipstick' in Shade 42 // This is such a tiny cute sample! Infact I'm going to add a picture of it...
Okay you can't even tell how small it is but oh well, I LOVE the smell of this lipstick, it infact reminds me of the smell of MAC lipsticks! I love the colour I got in this lipstick, maybe I'll do a post about it. Great product, the full size is rather pricey at £14 though.
Overall I have liked this box! More than Glossybox and Boudoir Prive boxes I have had in the past and I think the reason for this is because Carmine seem to have more make-up/beauty products rather than skincare. This box was worth the money considering I got two full sized products despite the fact that I more than likely won't use one of them but it's been nice not getting skincare samples for a change.
Are you a Carmine Subscriber? I am tempted to subscribe for this months box!
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