Sunday, 1 April 2012

Instagrammin and Giveaway winner

1) Spike bracelet/hair tie 2) New Liz Earle product for me to try 3) Cool Billboard I saw 4) Barburrito...yum. 5) Amazing amazing billionaires dessert from M&S 6) Hot Cross buns 7) Trip to my fave place Chiquitos with my lovely friend. 8) Pretty flowers I got and a chick! 9) Giant Chess in Leeds 10) Alarm got me out of bed, this monster woke me up! It actually was bigger than it looks I had to have my Iphone so close to it to even get that picture!

My giveaway winner isssss the lovely.... Joanne! I used and it picked the third comment!

 Sorry about the delay and thank you to everyone else who entered I'll be having another giveaway soon enough! Hope your all having a nice weekend. <3


  1. Damn!!! I never win :( boo x

  2. Yummy, that dessert looks great! OMG, that's a huge spider. Ewww :p

    1. Oh it was, seriously the spider was huge, scared me haha.

  3. i had a burrito this week too! yummy :)

    Jordan xx
    Boho Vanity Blog

  4. Liz Earle products are so great, I need to invest in some again! :) xx

  5. Love the bracelet/hair tie, where did you get it? :) xx


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