Monday, 30 April 2012

The first Lux Box! What's inside? Review.

I have been eagerly been waiting on the arrival of the Lux Box, a new addition to the beauty boxes containing samples of products each month. I have previously been subscribed to glossybox and Boudoir Prive but eventually ended up cancelling them.
However when I saw that Lux Box will be hitting the internet world soon I was interested and excited to see what they had to offer so I thought why not?
They charged £10 per box plus £2.95 for postage however they did have a promotion on for their first box which meant I only paid £10.45 including postage which was nice!
Let's move on to the box shall we?
The box came in a plain little brown box so I had no idea what it was initially, the box containing the samples itself is simple and a pretty dust pink/mauve colour (which my camera has clearly not picked up), it isn't as sturdy as the previous boxes I have had from other companies but I honestly don't care about that.
It comes with a card with details about all the products.
Pretty similar to other boxes out there, pretty packaging as always!
Ready to see what's inside?
So we have..
Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream 10ml RRP £14.00 Full Size
A triple action eye cream which helps to revitalise weary eyes, smooth away dark shadows and reduce appearance of fine lines. Comes with a £3.00 off code. Interested in trying this out as I don't use a eye cream at the moment.
MOA The Green Balm- Not sure on the size of this but it's a TINY little jar.
A 100% natural balm which can be used for loads of different things like eczema, psoriasis, bites, bumps, grazes, minor burns, coldsores and even a facial cleaning balm. This sounds like a handy multi-purpose balm and comes with a 20% off code.
BM Beauty Eyeshadow
100% pure mineral eyeshadow in Aquatic Galaxy and Marble sparkle. Both are gorgeous colours, you can't see in the picture as much but Marble sparkle is a lovely pearly colour, perfect to use as a highlighter. Again a 20% off code is included with this.
Eldora False Lashes in H146 RRP £4.05 Full Size
Handmade false lashes, I'm not a big lash wearer but I'm looking forward to experimenting..I have read a review by Lou about these lashes before which was positive! They have also given a £5 off £15 orders code.
Last but not least Steam cream! RRP £12 Full size
I was incredibly excited to get this as I have been wanted to try this cream for a loong long time. Steam cream is made with high quality natural ingredients which is fused together with steam. The tin is a limited edition Mako Kikkawa one. This is also a 2010 Beauty Insiders choice Winner. and comes with a 20% off code.

Overall I am really pleased with the content of the box, the steam cream itself is worth the amount I paid for the box and more. Three full sized products and a nice mixture of cosmetic and skin care products is perfect and the kind of box I love! I have had boxes in the past which are mainly skincare which is great but I prefer a mixture to keep things from getting boring. So far from other peoples boxes it seems as though everyone has received the same items with a little variation in eyeshadow colours which I like as I always end up seeing things that other people have that I would have preferred in mine. I also like that they give you money off codes for each of the items which is great if you fall in love with a product.
 I'm looking forward to trying all the products and will review them in the future. Based on this box I am impressed and will be looking forward to the next box. Did you get this box?
P.S sorry for the poor quality pictures, I just wanted to get this post up before going out! :)


  1. I'm so jealous this box looks so good! I wish I could get it in the states.

    1. I love it! Super impressed with it. You never know it might arrive in the US in the future :D I wish we had birchbox here!

  2. The eye shadow colours look lovely :) xx

    1. Agreed! I wore Aquatic Galaxy today and it's gorgeous. xo

  3. I got two different eyeshadows in my lux box and can't wait to try them once I bought some eye shadow base.

  4. I got the box too... I'm pleasantly suprised, I really liked most of the products. x

    Twenty One

  5. It must be just me but I've never heard of 'LUX' lol. I will have to investigate. Great blog, I've just started following - hope hope you can stop by my blog . x

    Anika x


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