Thursday, 5 July 2012

June Lux Box contents and review

It was nice getting this little box in the post today just because it cheered me up and of course because of the things inside!
Let's get straight into it..
Lux box
So in this months box we first have...
Dawood Tanner Tooth Cleanser 100ml (Full size) RRP £3.00
This toothpaste is developed by two specialist dentists Dawood and Tanner, it does the usual things toothpaste does...restoring natural whiteness, removing plaque,preventing decay, healthy gums and a fresh breathe. The added bonus is the natural essential oils in the toothpaste, it's available in Garden Mint (which smells lovely and is bright green), English Peppermint, Brazilian Lime and Sicilian Lemon (would be weird brushing teeth with lemon and lime flavours but interesting nonetheless). I quiet like the packaging for this too,  much quicker than squeezing out of a tube.
I like this product and will be getting my use out of it for sure.
Next we have
First Aid Beauty- Daily Face Cream 30 ml (Full size 60ml is normally £15 so this is worth £7.50)
I have heard many people rave about this brand and have seen people get it in other beauty boxes, this is the first time I have owned any of their products so I already look forward to using it.
Good for sensitive skin, paraben, fragrance, phthlates and irritating ingredients free and instead have antioxidant boosters such as liquorice root, white tea and feverfew.
Described as light weight and is for combination, acne prone or oily skin types and is matte so great for under make-up and 'Non-comedogenic' which means it won't clog pores! Sounds pretty great right?
Murad- Time release Acne Cleanser 30ml (£5.50)
Murad is more of a well known skincare brand and I have received this in a beauty box before and enjoyed using it. This cleanser is supposed to reduce blemishes whilst diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. The ingredients in the cleanser continue working after it's been rinsed off kicking breakouts butt.
Green People Eco Eye trio- Earth (£18.40)
This little trio is certified organic mineral eyeshadow that contains jojoba and sunflower and has less of the parabens and nasty chemicals other make-up may contain. The colours are pretty and great for everyday and the pigment is pretty good too. I think it's a great little compact although on the pricey side.

and last but not least...
Kelly Edwards skincare- Exfoliating cream £4.50- 15ml
A textured facial scrub which does what most face scrubs do...exfoliating away dead skin cells however not causing irritation. Promotes a glowing complexion, unclogs pores and is suitable for all skin types as well as vegans. It's natural skincare and contains a list of many great but natural ingredients including Rosehip and Vitamin E.

Overall I feel like this months box contains a nice range of products, a lot of skincare which I am really looking forward to trying as my skin sucks right now..breakouts galore. It's nice to get some make-up too and I'm pretty much looking forward to trying everything this month!


  1. I love your blog great work :) follow me and I’ll follow you back x

  2. I love your blog! Its super pretty :)
    The eye shadow above looks really lovely. Such a great colour.

  3. I'm so jealous of UK boxes. You guys get the best things!

  4. I need to get onto these beauty boxes, feel like I'm losing touch with all the latest products out there.

    Would love to try the tooth cleanser! xo


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