Tuesday, 26 June 2012

La' French Skincare Haul

A lovely friend of mine in Paris sent me a a little box full of French skincare products I wanted to try. French skincare is known to be fantastic and they have a huge range of products to choose from. Some of them we can finally get in drugstores like Boots...mainly Caudalie and Nuxe but some are a little harder to get your hands on in England.
This is what I got...
French Skincare
First Up I got Caudalie Grape Water, I did some research and this sounded interesting. It's supposed to be moisturising which I like the sound of. I already have the Caudalie Beauty Elixir which I'm on the fence about at the moment so again I'd like to see how this is in comparison.
Caudalie Grape water
A Nuxe Lipbalm... I have never tried Luxe in general and nor am I a fan of lip balms which I have to dip my fingers in but this was an exception after the rave reviews I read about this product.
Nuxe Lip balm
She also sent me a little travel size set of Caudalie products, mainly so I could try one of the Vinosource products which are aimed at dehydrated skin. This set also contains Cleansing water, body lotion, shower gel and shampoo. 
 I have heard a lot about Embryolisse products and their intensive moisturising elements. I wasn't sure what to get so I went for this mask which I thought would be hand for when my skin is feeling really dry.
 I also thought I'd try the Taaj make-up remover which again I heave heard people talk about especially Essie! I am intrested to see how this works out in comparison to Bioderma's Crealine solution.
 Then she sent me a ton of samples from Taaj, Bioderma, Caudalie and Waleda....sample heaven!!
Last but not least...edible goodies!
 Yum. This was a perfect little package to open and I'm looking forward to trying everything out.
What's your favourite French skincare product?


  1. I'm so jealous!
    I've heard wonders about
    That lip balm!
    Lucky lucky!

  2. These look great! Also the chocolates look yum x

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