Thursday, 9 August 2012

July Lux Box- What's Inside.

This Lux box I have been looking forward to as I, along with the rest of the subscribers were contacted asking to choose a foundation colour which could only mean one thing!
Let's have a look see at what was inside the box of surprises.
Contents in all it's glory.
Magnifibres Brush on false lashes RRP £20 Full Size.
Seems like the description for this product on the information card is from last months box for the Murad cleanser (oops!). This is a lengthening mascara that you apply between two layers of mascara which results in dramatically lengthened lashes by up to 5mm. I love anything to do with eyelashes so this...I'm looking forward to testing out.
Gatineau Essential Skin Corrector- £69 for 50ml, this is 15 ml
This product is applied to the skin after cleansing the face and is said to smooth out first signs of wrinkles and improve radiance and comfort. It contains antioxidants and probiotics which sounds great!
Yana Cosmetics Foundation Full size is RRP £25 not sure on the size of this.
A lightweight, creamy foundation which is full coverage, blendable and gives a airbrush look. Said to be long lasting, not tested on animals and non comedogenic. Everything you want in a foundation right?

BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream Full size is RRP £17.00
A Korean skincare BB cream that has real caviar extracts, is great for anti ageing, lightening, wrinkle repair, cover and moisturising the skin. It has a massive SPF 50 and contains omega 3 and vitamins A, B, C and D. So overall this bb cream should give a radiant, natural and healthy skintone. There's tons of information on the site, it sounds like a pretty amazing product.
Inika Certified Organic Eye Liner This is Full Size- RRP £13.50 (Peacock Blue)
This is a brand I have heard of before, mainly from reading about people getting something in a beauty box. Said to be rich and creamy, glides on easily with an even depth of colour and a real stay-ability.
From swatching this eyeliner I have found this colour is gorgeous it's a lovely blue purple (picture does no justice!) and I do agree it with the description although I am yet to test the staying on ability.
Overall Thoughts
I absolutely love the content of this box, there's some interesting products which I am looking forward to trying out! Well worth the money too as there's some great full sized product. There's more make-up type products for July's box whereas the June box was more skincare orientated...I really like that it varies a lot each month!
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  1. Please do a review on the Magnifibers brush on false lashes that looks like a really unique product and would be amazing if it worked!! x

    1. I sure will! It sounds very interesting, will be testing it out tomorrow morning for my work make-up haha! xx

  2. Have you tried the brush on lashes yet? I've just taken all my make up off just so I could try them. They are amazeballs!! lovely blog btw x x

    1. Noo not yet! Ahhh I'm excited to try it now and thank you missy! :) xx


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