Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My Black Milk Wishlist

My Black Milk Wishlist
I have always admired the weird and wonderful items of clothing by Black Milk, a brand which I am sure many of you already know about and if you don't...where have you been hiding?!
So these are my current want's...
1. Ribs Swimsuit ($90AUD/£60)- A classic, this is one of their staples and I have wanted this for the longest time.
2. Shark Vs Mermaid ($90AUD/£60)- I just love everything about it, especially the little mermaid ...cute!
3. Burned Velvet leggings- Now, when I saw these I was instantly in love but they were completely sold out with no signs of returning (yet) but will be on the top of my list to buy if/when they do.

Do you own any Black Milk? <3 p="p">


  1. I love black milk, I just wish they weren't so expensive! I'm still yearning for a pair of their galaxy print leggings :) xx

    1. I agree! I wish it wasn't so pricey either...one of those 'expensive treat' items I guess! xx


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