Friday, 1 January 2010

Hello 2010! + Lush- The comforter Bubble Bar review

Happy New Year everyone. I can't believe it's 2010 allready! I hope everyone had a fantastic night/day.

Thought I'd do a quick review about the much raved about Comforter bubble bar.

Initial thoughts: It's a HUGE bubble bar the picture above show's how much I had left, I used about a quarter of it. Compared to other bubble bars like Ma Bar this one to me is much bigger. I'm not sure if it's usually that big but I got it in my Sweet and dreamy Gift for Christmas and I was quiet suprised at the size.
First thought's on the smell was Sweet, it reminded my brother of some kind of candy.
Lush describes this bubble bar as fruity and blackcurrant, I'd say it's definatley sweet and fruity.

I found breaking this bubble bar slightly difficult at first but once I did it was easy to crumble into my running bath. And this was the result!.....

My bath was full of fluffy bubbles and turned a lovely pink colour too which was a nice suprise, in the picture above you can see a really deep pink....that would be my bath mat! but the lighter pink towards the left was the colour of the bath water.
The bubbles lasted for ages and were lovely and moisturising whilst the smell wasn't too strong but sweet and fruity.

Overall I really really enjoyed this bubble bar and I see why alot of people love it. I think it's definatley going to end up being one of my favourites and if your a fan of sweet smells I reccomend this to you.

So.... who has new years resolutions?


  1. I think all of them are that big - I bought two the other day and they are a similar size. I love the bubbles they make - i just wish they fizzed instead of dissolved!

  2. 1st your bath tub is too cute.
    2nd i love that colour the water became, did you get the sweet and dreamy set?

  3. @ Caz The bubble are the best yet!

    @ Obsessed.Makeup.Addict haha thank you! I really want one of them bathtubs with legs if you know what I mean?

    Yep I got sweet and dreamy from christmas, it's such a lovely colour..loveee it. None of the bubble bar's I've used so far have changed the bath water colour.

  4. I bought this for my next bath. I was debating how much to use but looks like I only need a little! It makes your bath so pretty. x

  5. the holiday bar, (red and super glittery) made my water kinda red, it was scary...i enjoy the pink though I can't wait to use my comforter

  6. Hi and thanks for the follow and the comment :) Comforter is my fave bubble bar :) And what a great Lush haul in the post above. x

  7. I was about to get this today and then I didn't =(. Silly me, I'll get this next time =D. X


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