Monday, 1 February 2010

Fave clothing Pictures

Rubbish pictures I know but I've been too busy to take new pictures (or better ones) latley.
The first Picture I have on a Bank tunic, I hardley shop at BANK but they stock Lipsy which I love and I needed a dress. I really love the tunic, I've been wearing it with jeans and boots recently but maybe when it's warm enough for me I'll wear it with leggings.
In the second picture which I must say is slightly old..I have on a Topshop tunic/top Faded floral skull and Topshop Leggings. Another fave outfit. Casual and comfy.
What is your fave outfit? I tag this to anyone who want's to do an outfit post!


  1. Love the blog! I followed xxx

  2. love the detail on the first top :)

    ps. i really like the quote in your header! thats such a good quote!


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