Thursday, 25 February 2010

Oh I just can't stop shopping!

Sooo I've not been posting as much as I've been wanting to now I'm back at university but I've of course been shopping more as I'm in Leeds more often.

I got some nail polish from M&S, I've used a hot pink from there before and it was a dupe of Barry M's so I thought I'd try out some more and I got a pastel blue and pinkypurple.
The hot pink was fantastic, I'll get some pictures up when I next have it on but this pastel pink I found to be streaky thus I needed two coats of it and I'd say it doesn't look bad with two coats. No chips yet either and I've had it on for two days today.
£2.50 a bottle but less for me as I work there, not bad really.

I also got a set of bangles from Primark which I love to wear with my Accessorize bracelet.
 They cost all of £2.50

Asda-George earrings, these are lovely. I've only worn them once and the back stopper thingamajig to the earring that holds it to your ear broke but I can just take it off another earring I guess.

  They cost £3.00 not bad

And lastly a couple of days ago I got this bag from a new store called Miss butterfly, it's replaced Virgin Mega Store which turned into Zavvi which turned into Head. Anywho this new shop is pretty nice, I do really like some of the things they sell. I even got a dress and top from there previously.They sell a range of styles and some very quirky designs.

So I needed a bag for Uni which would carry my books and folders and I've been looking for a perfect one for AGES. This one is perfect, I like that its quilted and studded, the straps are long enough for me to put on my shoulder without them constantly sliding off like my previous bag. The fact that the straps are joined by metal hooks I doubt immense weight of my books will break the straps which has happened to me before. The zip on the inside means I can keep my phone in there and anything I need quick access to.This cost £25.

I was wondering if many of you guys shop in Leeds often?


  1. OMG! I absolutely LOVE those rose bangles and earrings!

  2. Love both colors! I'm wearing a pastel purple now.

    Nice blog : )

    I am a new follower! Check out mine too when you get a chance.

  3. Love those braclets! :) xx

  4. I love those bracelets and earrings, very cuute :) You have super long nails also! *jealous* xx

  5. i love the baggggggg ♥

  6. I luvv the nails & the bracelets! Gorgeous!


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