Tuesday, 9 February 2010

More International Mail And Valentine's swap haul

Okay so more international mail, I got home for my lunch break to see mail on the table for me....all international too, love it.

So I want to thank the lovely Moria who's blog you can check out here. She sent me these goodies all the way from Australia! Although she didn't get any of my 'wishlist' items (which I don't care) as surprises are awesome. She sent me some lovely things....like sheet face masks which I have really been wanting to try out for a while now. I also thought the heart origami was really cute.

 So she sent me these three nail polishes I love the middle one the most, I'll be trying it on very soon... it's such a lovely feminine colour and totally in right now with all the pastel, peaches and nude that I'm seeing everywhere in stores right now. Classic silver, but I like that its like a pearl and then my second fave which is like a golden yellow...gosh I'm bad with describing.

 I got a little sachet of something but at the moment I'm not sure what it is and some sheet face masks which like I said I've been wanting to buy online but never really got round to it. I got one in raspberry (one of my fave flavours!) Green tea, lemon and two others. I can imagine them being really refreshing so I'm really looking forward to pampering myself with a lush bath and a face mask followed by maybe some nail painting. 

Once again, Thank you Moria for the lovely things! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else got in their swap.


  1. Cute swap!
    PS. I'm totally NOT getting your updates on my blogger, I don't know what the issue is, it takes me I think your old blog url and says page not found :(

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  3. HEY! im glad you like the items! sorry i didnt get anything on your wishlist :'(


    ♥ moria

  4. the little satchet thing is a black head remover thing ;D

  5. i love swapping! its like getting gifts(=


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