Thursday, 4 November 2010

First OOTD

Okay so although I finally got myself a tripod I still can't get outfit pictures right, quiet frustrating. I took so many pictures but they were either too close or far or there was something just not right. I'm also a terrible poser, I never know what to do with myself haha. In the end I gave up and this is the picture I have. Sorry it's not all that good and ignore the face.

- All Saints top
-Zara leggings (which I adore.)
- Matalan Jacket
-Topshop bag

I'm loving my Matalan jacket at the moment, it keeps me amazingly warm, the inside is lined with soft warm lovelyness. Today has been such a crappy day, university was okay, boring nonetheless and then I went to Leeds and had a browse around the shops but it has been raining constantly so my hair is a fluffy mess and I had a bag full of books weighing me down...shoulder achee. Glad I'm inside now though it's pouring down now and it sound's  awfully windy too.



  1. It does take some getting used to taking photos of yourself, but with practice you'll get used to it. And you look great for your first attempt.
    I love the jacket, Matalan do some great stuff.

  2. Love this look, it's gorgeous :)
    yay on your first OOTD

  3. That jacket is beautiful, it looks so cosy! xx

  4. I wish I had a Matalan near me this jacket is awesome and I love love love your leggings fab look xoxo


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