Monday, 1 November 2010

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween, I wish I was in the US for it seems much more of a bigger thing over there so it'd be amazing to experience. I had 0 trick or treater's visit =( leaving me with a yummy but fattening pile of chocolate.
I did however carve a pumpkin...
 Second one I've ever done so it's not all that good but I like my Jack pumpkin.
I went to a vintage fair earlier today as well (finally) shall blog about it later and then watched Hocus Pocus and The Witches..classics!
Hope everyone has had a good day/night.


  1. The pumpkin looks so evil! Love it

  2. Happy Halloween. We got no trick or treaters here too. I know what you mean about the US they seem to celebrate it a lot more over there.

    I'm new to your blog btw and love it. I adore the butterfly ring you posted about.

    Am now following :)

  3. @ Saimese thank you!! Evil looking pumpkins are the best <3

    @ Vintage Dreams ahhh yeah seems so much more festive over there. Thank you dear!


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