Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Graze with me.

I heard about Graze a long time ago, thought it was a cool concept but never got round to ordering a box. Maybe that was because I wasn't as bothered about eating healthier then, however now I've joined the gym and I'm getting back into a regime I thought it might be a good idea. I ordered on Sunday night and got my box on the next available day which was Wednesday. You can pick which day's you'd like the box to be delivered.

 The box and booklets are made from sustainable sources and are both biodegradable and recyclable. The Punnets that the nibbles come in are made from 80% recycled content and can also be recycled with plastics. I like their ethics and that they share this too on the packaging as sometimes not everything can be recycled.
Personalisation, nice touch! These two booklets were really cute and handy the 'how to eat:..' booklet had loads of 'fact tips' and the other booklet is based on your Graze box, it tells you what kind of box you ordered and the nutritional information of the nibbles. On the back again there's info about their packaging and recycling.
Above..the yummy nibbles picked out for me. On the plastic boxes there's info on what's inside it and let's you know where to look for use by dates and again mentions recycling information.
On the website if you choose a 'nibblebox' you can browse through all the yummy goodness and click 'bin' for the things you don't like so for me all olives were 'bined', 'try' for anything you want to try and I added 'like' or 'love' as well as 'try soon' to the ones I know I liked and wanted to try asap which I ended up getting in my box! 
You can also choose boxes such as 'energybox'- low gi, 'wellbeingbox'-foods highest in nutrients and 'eatwellbox'-everything that's good. If you choose one of these boxes a nutritionist picks out what go's into it.

 I absolutely love the packaging, if you pick out the plastic punnets from the box this picture peeks through.
 Random!? haha
 I love it when companies make it easy to contact them
I hope I eat less cake too!

Overall I really like the idea of this, I like the way it's all presented, the packaging and booklets are quirky and different and there's a huge choice of nibbles. The website is easy to use and there's tons of information on not only the product but why grazing is good for your health and how it can help you loose weight, boost immunity etc.
I'm a sucker for chocolate/cake anything sweet and bad but I think I'll be reaching for my graze box more often than that stuff as there's bits of chocolate in some of the selections which is perfect to kill those cravings. I think in the long run if i stick to it, it could actually help me become healthier and help with my goal of loosing weight.
With a promotional code I got my first box for free and then the next one is half price. The normal price for a 
box is £3.49 including packaging. For a free Graze Box type in QFQG9NN3.

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  1. I ordered a couple of these, I think they're a great idea if you have enough money. I ended up buying my own fruit from supermarkets and saved money, but I wouldn't have got started on eating more fruits, nuts etc without trying Graze first.


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