Sunday, 6 March 2011

Keep Calm

I miss my old workplace, well the people, the money and being busier than usual. I went to see West is West with a couple of the girles I used to work with (at M&S) and saw this cute little piggie! I love some of the thing's they sell, they never fail to surprise me. 
I seriously need to save my pennies, the message spoke to me haha.

Then I saw the cutest easter 'egg', now I know not everyone is a fan of this little kitty but you cannot deny the cuteness!
M&S have some rather odd easter eggs this year, I wish I got a pic of them the rows below the hello kitties. They were just plain damn odd haha but I love that. They do some awesome easter 'eggs' every year, quiet unique too with the different shapes and sally the sheep or barry the bunny shaped chocolate goodness.

I feel rather sad that I am blogging about work but ah well just some cool things that I wanted to share!


  1. These things are just too cute! I need that piggy bank in my life! So cute! xo

  2. Yum yum, I just can't resist chocolate, even more so when it looks so cutee! <3 xx

  3. mmm white choc eggs are the best !

  4. @Devea, an inspring piggy bank right?
    @Emma, Haha what more could you want than cute chocolate!
    @Stephanie, it was in the mothers day section haha.
    @Sara, I am sooo craving an easter egg now!



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