Saturday, 2 June 2012

A quick look into what's inside the May Lux Box

Seriously people I have never gotten so much birthday mail in my life. I've been sat opening it all morning...Look at a little bit of the mess I have made!
I'm not going into a detailed post about the products today as I'm a busy bee today and will be expecting family members over to celebrate my birthday.
Anyway's back to Lux Box, it's the May box but unfortunately there's been various problems which has delayed the box but no worries, thing's happen. I'm pleased it arrived today of all day's!
I'm sure we all know what the packaging is like, if not check out my post with the first ever Lux Box here.
Lux Box May
Lux Box May
Lux Box May

 1. The Rosebud Perfume Co Mocha Rose Tube 30ml (Full size £7.00) - Lip Balm with vanilla, I could smell this before I even opened it and it's a lovely but strong scent. I feel it smells more of cocoa than anything else it reminds me of Palmers Cocoa butter lotion. I love lip products so a great product to have, it's filled with Shea Butter, Vitamin E, essential oils and a secret blend of botanicals.

2. Di Palomo Hand and Nail Cream 25ml in Orange Blossom (£6.30 for 75ml)- Again I love the smell of this, gorgeous and inspired by Italy. It's strong of a scent at first but fades a little after a while (but you can still smell it if you sniff your hands as I have been doing) and is non-greasy. There's wild honey and olive in this cream.

3.Sensationelle Flicktips (Full size £8.99)- These are instant eyeliner extension tattoo type things that normally cost £8.99 for 5 pairs. I think this is an interesting product but not something I'd  personally use or think to pick up but I'm interested in trying it out (I'll always try new things) and would probably use the more extravagant ones for Halloween/fancy dress if I get on with them.

4. Murad AHA/ BHA Exfoliating Cleanser 30ml (£34 for 200ml)- Murad is more of a well known product and I have received a different cleanser by them in a beauty box before and I loved it. This is said to be their best selling cleanser containing Jojoba beads, salicylic, lactic and glycolic acids. These acids as scary as they sound I have heard Lisa Eldridge talk about and rave how good they are for your skin. I'm really looking forward to using this alot.

5. Papier Poudre- Rachel Booklet (£7.20 for 6)- A product developed in the beginning of the 20th century is described to cleanse the pores (not sure how), lifting oil, dirt and oil dust. These are basically powdered blotting papers which come in different shades, mine being 'Rachel' is for Dark/Medium skin types which is perfect for me. I like using blotting tissues and these will be living in my bag now!

Overall it's been a good box, not amazing but still good. I'm super glad that the Paper Poudre was suitable for my skin tone as so many times I have received products from other beauty boxes that aren't suitable for me. I do think boxes should have customers fill in beauty profiles to maybe tailor products a little better when it comes to skin tone shades. I think except the Flicktips I'm pleased with everything in the box.
What do you think?


  1. Love this post! I've been considering signing up with one of the beauty boxes, but I'm so skeptical, would you recommend it? Really not sure! xx

  2. Happy Birthday :)

    It is so nice to see a beauty box that hasn't got any false eye lashes in it!

  3. I love your blog! Its amazing. I follow you now:)Follow me back if you like
    Magda xx


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