Thursday, 7 June 2012

Solestruck Wishlist- TBA and Jeffrey Campbell

There is seriously so many nice shoes on Solestruck it's lethal. 
It may not be to everyone's taste but these is my current loves, I'm a lover of studs and aztec/tribal.
First we have TBA (To be announced) 'Chains' Boots $219.95
Secondly Jeffrey Campbell Edea Spike $219.95 (I love that they has a hidden wedge which seems to be everywhere right now)
And lastly TBA 'Johnny' boots which are $149.95 (sale)
I'm so tempted to get at least two of the three pairs and as Solestruck have free worldwide shipping it is even more tempting but I just know I'm going to get a lovely letter from parcelforce asking me to pay a chunky sum of money for customs/tax/vat whatever it is before they deliver. Sigh. I know people have had to pay around £30 something for one pair so I double that for two? Super pricey!

Have you bought from Solestruck before? What are your current loves?


  1. ahhh those jeffery campbell ones are amazing LOVE x

  2. the tribal pair are my fav!!!

  3. Good god, I love the Edea Spike. The hidden wedge is so interesting! If only they where 150$ cheaper!!!


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