Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Fashion: Lace Leggings.

I’ve always (pre-trend) been huge fan of lace leggings and baroque patterns so the first time I saw them it was love.

Yes they are statement leggings but that’s not a bad thing if you wear them with the right outfit.
Not liking how Shenae's wearing them, the outfit looks too busy and I'm not a fan of wearing leggings without my butt covered. Megan however pull's them off great, a causal and simple cardigan and then the atenttion grabbing leggings.

So after I saw these I’ve pretty much looked everywhere online for a cheaper alternative but no luck. Crazily I was on facebook on a friend’s page and she had some similar one’s, I popped her a message saying she MUST tell me where they are from. Sadly she bought them months ago from H&M so I doubt I’ll get my hands on them.

The leggings Megan is wearing are $85 at first I was tempted but then its $101 with tax and shipping which is about £62.51 and then even more if I want them shipped to me in the UK. As much as I love them I can’t justify spending that much on leggings, especially as they wear out pretty quick.

What do you guys think of lace leggings?
I know these kind of leggings people are either going to love or hate, think there tacky or hot! I think there fun and love anything (almost) that's unique/quirky and different from the rest.

If anyone has seen alternatives, similar kinda style please do let me know! =)


  1. I must admit lace leggings are totally hot and I must get me a pair!

  2. Hey sweetie, I've given you an award!


  3. I have a pair of crop lace legging but these look way cooler, thanks for following.

  4. Oh baroque patterns are truly beautiful!!! And I agree , I don't like the way Shenae is wearing them. Too much information... not nice.
    This kind of pattern speaks for itself.
    XOXO from Brazil :)


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